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Table S1 Genetic diversity within samples.

Table S2 Description of the invasion scenarios of the black rat in Senegal that were compared using the Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) approach implemented in diyabc version 0.7.3 (Cornuet et al. 2008).

Table S3 Same as Table S2 but with adding KED to the EAST group (see text for details).

Table S4 Prior distributions of demographic, historic and mutation parameters used for the ABC analyses.

Table S5 ABC estimations of posterior distributions of demographic, historic and mutation parameters under the final colonization scenario and assuming the Prior Set 1 (see Table S3).

Table S6 ABC model checking using 20 summary statistics not used previously for model selection as test statistics.

Fig. S1 Graphical representation of the most appropriate K (number of clusters regrouping the individuals) estimation revealed by structure version 2.2 (Pritchard et al. 2000).

Fig. S2 Correspondence between the scenarios for diyabc (see details in Table S2) and the best solutions from structure analyses for K = 3 and K = 4 (see also Fig. 2).

Fig. S3 Posterior distribution of the admixture parameter Rcs in the scenario 3.3 (see also Table S2 and Fig. S4). Rcs represents the admixture parameter between EAST and WEST groups to form the group CENTER.

Fig. S4 Scheme of the selected final colonization scenario (Table 3) summarizing the origin and diversification of black rats inferred using diyabc.

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