Table S1 Sampling effort.

Table S2 Estimation of the presence of null alleles for each loci, using the method described by Chakraborty et al. (1992) and Brookfield (1996) as implemented in Microchecker (Van Oosterhout et al. 2004).

Table S3 Pairwise FST values among the = 6 structure clusters.


Fig. S1 Screening for the optimal K number of structure clusters, using the ΔK criterion (Evanno et al. 2005).

Fig. S2 Phylogeographic patterns, as given by spatially-explicit Bayesian clustering implemented in tess.

Fig. S3 Genetic diversity of almond trees in the Mediterranean basin, after removing null alleles and individuals potentially admixed with Prunus orientalis (Delplancke et al. 2012).

Fig. S4 Phylogeographic patterns, after removing individuals potentially admixed with Prunus orientalis (Delplancke et al. 2012).

Fig. S5 Posterior distributions of the divergence time (T) in years B.P. and the number of migrants (2NeM) as obtained by IMa2 pairwise analyses, computed among structure clusters.

Fig. S6 Maximum likelihood estimates of population migration rate (i.e. 2Nem = Θ*M/2) among structure clusters as revealed by IMa2 pairwise analyses.

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