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Table S1 New sequences of Pezizales listed by lineage, sequence source (asexual spore mat, fruit body, ectomycorrhizal root tip), collector number, herbarium for voucher, geographic origin, and GenBank Accession Numbers for internal transcribed spacer and/or large subunit locus.

Table S2 Downloaded sequences used in phylogenetic analyses in this study.

Table S3 Morphological comparisons of asexual spore mats in six lineages of ectomycorrhizal Pezizales.

Table S4 Spore mat contaminant operational taxonomic units, based on 96% similarity of internal transcribed spacer sequenced from spore mats of diverse EcM Pezizales lineages.

Table S5 Fungal contaminants on roots inoculated with Pezizales mitospores.

Table S6 Reports on Pezizales that have produced mitospores under axenic conditions; and results of attempts to germinate mitospores, and to produce fruiting bodies from mito- or meiospores.

Fig. S1 Geographic distribution of operational taxonomic units of EcM pezizalean spore mats and fruit bodies collected in the Eastern USA, Northeastern Mexico, and Southeastern China.

Fig. S2 Monthly spore mat diversity as measured by number of operational taxonomic units, juxtaposed with monthly precipitation (in inches) in North Carolina and Minnesota in 2011.

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