mec12136-sup-0001-Supplement1.docWord document72KSupplement 1 Baikal endemic amphipods used in the present study: (a) Eulimnogammarus cyaneus; (b) E. verrucosus.
mec12136-sup-0002-Supplement2.docWord document36KSupplement 2 Experimental design for heat shock exposures.
mec12136-sup-0003-Supplement3.docWord document46KSupplement 3 1. Primers used in the study. 2. Mascot Score data for the detected protein spots on 2D gels.
mec12136-sup-0004-Supplement4.docWord document458KSupplement 4 Multiple alignments of 3′-UTR hsp/hsc70 in the two studied amphipods.
mec12136-sup-0005-Supplement5.docWord document54KSupplement 5 Deduced amino acid sequences identity levels of hsp70a/b in E. cyaneus, E. verrucosus and other species (Performed in Blast UniProt
mec12136-sup-0006-Supplement6.xlsapplication/msexcel54KSupplement 6 Normalized HSP70 expression data, obtained by the densitometric analysis of WB membranes.

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