Editorial 2013


State of the journal

The field of molecular ecology is exceptionally active and vigorous, in part because it has become much easier to identify ecologically important genes (Bloomer et al. 2012; Gratten et al. 2012; Parchman et al. 2012), as well as to monitor biodiversity using DNA markers (Baird & Hajibabaei 2012; Jørgensen et al. 2012a,b; Taberlet et al. 2012). As a consequence, submissions to Molecular Ecology continue to rise, with circa 1600 submissions expected for 2012. Despite the increase in submission rates, manuscripts continue to move through the editorial process very quickly. The time from submission to first decision averages 37.5 days, and the average time from acceptance to Early View publication is 36 days. Molecular Ecology papers continue to be cited well. With a 2011 impact factor of 5.52, the journal currently ranks fifth and eighth in impact, respectively, in the Evolutionary Biology (45 journals) and Ecology (130 journals) categories tracked by ISI. When only journals publishing primary research articles are considered, Molecular Ecology becomes ranked third and fourth in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology, respectively.

Molecular Ecology is one of the most widely read journals in ecology and evolutionary biology, with 920 000 article downloads in 2011. The high readership is due in part to strong interest in the papers we publish, but also due to the wide accessibility of the journal. More than 4000 institutions have access through online licences and subscriptions, and an additional 3100 institutions from the developing world have free or reduced-rate access. In addition, Molecular Ecology has a highly effective data archiving policy: more than 90% of papers published in the journal make their data accessible online. This contrasts with <5% for journals lacking a data archiving policy.


Molecular Ecology Prize

The 2012 Molecular Ecology Prize was awarded to Professor Craig Moritz of the Australian National University for his transformative research in evolutionary conservation science and biogeography across multiple continents. A biography of Craig and his contributions to molecular ecology can be found on page 15 of this issue.

Molecular Ecology Roadmap

The discipline of molecular ecology is in the midst of a sea change. In the past, the focus was on obtaining enough high-quality genotypic data to make reliable inferences about ecological and evolutionary processes in natural populations. However, the advent of next-generation sequencing has made it possible to obtain enormous amounts of genotypic data for essentially any organism (Bik et al. 2012; Miller et al. 2012a; Pompanon et al. 2012; Yoccoz 2012), so the emphasis of the field is shifting towards the acquisition of phenotypic and environmental data that provide context for interpreting the genotypic data (Miller et al. 2012b; Evans et al. 2012; Hansen et al. 2012; Richards-Zawacki et al. 2012), as well as towards the development and use of computational approaches for analyses of very large data sets (Coissac et al. 2012; Dettman et al. 2012; Parisod & Holderegger 2012; Zhang et al. 2012). This change in focus has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the scale and scope of studies in molecular ecology.

This transformation in how we do molecular ecology also coincides with the 20th anniversary of the journal. Therefore, we held a symposium at the Evolution 2012 meetings in Ottawa to debate our research priorities. The symposium was followed by an online forum held on 24 October 2012 to allow input from the broader molecular ecology community (a transcript of the forum can be viewed on our blog at http://www.molecularecologist.com). These discussions, and the goals and priorities that have emerged from them, are described in a roadmap paper that will be published later this year.

Virtual issue of from the cover papers

We recently compiled a virtual issue of ‘From the Cover’ papers, which highlighted many of the high-profile papers published in Molecular Ecology over the past three years. A wide diversity of topics was represented, ranging from biodiversity monitoring using environmental DNA (Thompson et al. 2012) to analyses of feral transgenic grasses (Zapiola & Mallory-Smith 2012), to the discovery of a cryptic crocodile species from mummy DNA (Hekkala et al. 2011). The full arsenal of molecular ecology tools is exploited, including both conventional (Lessa et al. 2010; Harpur et al. 2012) and next-generation DNA sequencing (Perry et al. 2010; Kraaijeveld et al. 2012; Roesti et al. 2012) approaches, functional investigations of ecologically important genes and traits (Tonteri et al. 2010; Rosenblum et al. 2012; Wheat et al. 2011), phylogeographic analyses of the demographic history of species (Holliday et al. 2010; Als et al. 2011; Nyström et al. 2012), and field-, laboratory- and DNA sequence-based detection of natural selection (Smith et al. 2010; Blackman et al. 2011; Orozco-terWengel et al. 2012). The virtual issue can be found on the journal website (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1365-294X/homepage/from_the_covers_virtual_issue.htm).

From the Cover papers are expected to be of exceptional interest to a wide audience, and we encourage the submission of manuscripts that were previously reviewed by other high-impact journals, such as Science, Nature and PNAS. To reduce publication times (and referee fatigue), we often utilize documents associated with the previous review process and will consider initial submissions that are not in standard Molecular Ecology format. Accepted articles are highlighted on the cover and in the table of contents and are frequently featured in commentaries and press alerts.


We wish to express our gratitude to our many referees, who are listed at the end of this editorial, for the donation of their time to the journal and to the discipline of molecular ecology.

Editorial issues

Policy on animal experimentation

Molecular Ecology has adopted the ARRIVE guidelines (Kilkenny et al. 2010), which offer guidance for the conduct and reporting of in vivo experiments involving animals.

Policy on data accessibility

Since the start of 2011, we have required that authors include a ‘Data Accessibility’ section after the references; this helps readers to locate archived data from Molecular Ecology papers. The Data Accessibility section should list the database and the respective accession numbers for all data from the manuscript that has been made publicly available. Commonly, this includes GenBank accession numbers for sequence data and often a Dryad reference for data such as SNPs or microsatellite genotypes, phenotypic information, habitat descriptions and population locations. Starting in September 2012, a preliminary Data Accessibility section must be present in each manuscript at initial submission and should list where each data set will be archived. Please note that reviewers will be asked to comment on the completeness of the Data Accessibility section.

We are very grateful to the large number of people who contributed to the discipline of molecular ecology by reviewing manuscripts for the journal. The following list contains people who completed reviews for Molecular Ecology between 15th October 2011 and 30th September 2012.

Duur K. Aanen

Marco Abbiati

Patrick Abbot

Cathryn L. Abbott

Yoshihisa Abe

Hiroshi Abe

Becky Ackermann

Jennifer R. Adams

Alex Aebi

Laurence Affre

Deepa Agashe

Ingi Agnarsson

Anurag Agrawal

Jon Ågren

Rosa Agudo

Andres Aguilar

Ramiro Aguilar

Nuria Agusti

Sally N. Aitken

Mikael Akesson

Dirk Albach

Emidio Albertini

Filipe Alberto

Craig Albertson

Miguel Alcaide

Sylvain Alem

Joao Alexandrino

Michael Alfaro

Sajid Ali

Charlotte Allender

Morten Allentoft

Rodrigo Almeida

Tilman J. Alpermann

Thomas D. Als

Inger Alsos

S. Elizabeth Alter

David Althoff

Boran Altincicek

Diego F. Alvarado-S.

Nadir Alvarez

Linda Amaral Zettler

Seth Ament

Stephen J. Amish

Giovanni Amori

William Amos

Kesara Anamthawat-Jonsson

Galina Ananina

Alison E Anastasio

Liselotte W. Andersen

Oivind Andersen

Lars Andersen

Corey Anderson

Frank Anderson

Timothy J. C. Anderson

Kirk E. Anderson

Jill Anderson

Malte Andersson

Leif Andersson

Jason P. Andras

Carl André

Nikos Andreakis

Alyson Andreasen

Kimberly R. Andrews

Bernard Angers

Amy Angert

Nils Anthes

Michael Antolin

Jose Miguel Aparicio

Ken P. Aplin

Joseph J. Apodaca

Jennifer L. Apple

Sharon Appleyard

Julien April

Chip Aquadro

Hitoshi Araki

Michelle Arbeitman

William Ardren

Miguel Arenas

Paul Arens

Carlos F. Arias

Irina R. Arkhipova

Karen Armstrong

Jean-Francois Arnaud

Sophie Arnaud-Haond

Miquel Arnedo

J. W. (Pim) Arntzen

Natasha Arora

Nils Arrigo

Juan Arroyo

Rosa Arroyo-Garcia

Wolfgang Arthofer

Carlo Artieri

Tom Artois

Marina Ascunce

Mary Ashley

Gail Ashton

Giridhar N. R. Athrey

Nadia Aubin-Horth

Asta Audzijonyte

Josh Auld

Frederic Austerlitz

James Austin

Jeremy Austin

Brian J. Avery

John Avise

Meghan Avolio

Tutku Aykanat

David Ayre

Debra Ayres

Eric Baack

Massimiliano Babbucci

Wieslaw Babik

Shawn Babiuk

Roberto Bacilieri

Cecile Bacles

Justin Bagley

Francesca Bagnoli

Justin Bahl

Wei-Ning Bai

Feng-Yan Bai

Donald J. Baird

Allan J. Baker

Joan Balanya

Laura Baldo

Niko Balkenhol

Eldon E. Ball

Rod Ball

William Ballard

Sam C. Banks

Dan Bar Yaacov

Carlos Barata

Albert Barberan

Matthew Barbour

Gianni Barcaccia

Stuart Barker

Britany Barker

Marta Barluenga

Apurba K. Barman

Ian Barnes

Benoit Barrès

Felipe S. Barreto

Luke Barrett

Rowan D. H. Barrett

Craig Barrett

George Barrowclough

Igor V. Bartish

Nick Barton

Detlef Bartsch

Deepak Barua

Patrick Basset

Susan Bassham

Armanda D. Bastos

Marine Battesti

Aaron M. Bauer

Alex Baumel

Iliana Baums

Greg J. Baute

Maanita Bautista

Simon Baxter

Paul Bayman

Eric Bazin

Gemma Beatty

Jean Beaulieu

Michelle Beck

Andrew Beckerman

Lutz Becks

Trevor Beebee

David Begun

Luciano B. Beheregaray

Sarah Behrens

Ricardo Beldade

Karen Bell

Rayna Bell

Tina Bell

Thomas Bell

Katherine Belov

Gilles Bena

Gary Bending

Bengt O. Bengtsson

Keith D. Bennett

Dario Beraldi

Mary Berbee

Thomas U. Berendonk

David Berg

E. C. Berg

Patrick Bergeron

Alan Bergland

Stewart Berlocher

Daniel Berner

Coralie Bertheau

Giorgio Bertorelle

Martine Berube

Brian Bettencourt

Etienne Bezault

Debashish Bhattacharya

John Bickham

Martin Bidartondo

Nicolas Bierne

Holly Bik

Anna M. Billing

Christopher E. Bird

T. R. Birkhead

John Birks

C. W. Birky

Andrew Bissett

J. P. Bizoux

Rakel Blaalid

Dave Blackburn

Tim Blackburn

Ben Blackburne

Benjamin K. Blackman

Christopher Blair

Simon Blanchet

Julie Blanchong

Isabel Blasco-Costa

Frank Blattner

Jessica Blois

Michael Blum

Dan Bock

Lynne Boddy

J. T. Boehm

Sanne Boessenkool

Justin H. Bohling

Emilie Boissin

Simon Boitard

Jennifer L. Bollmer

Daniel Bolnick

Linda Bonen

Pim Bongaerts

Francois Bonhomme

Camille Bonneaud

Jeremy Bono

Warren Booth

Justin Borevitz

Céline Born

Andreas Börner

Marco Borra

J. L. Bossart

Oliver Bossdorf

J. Bossenbroek

Bérénice Bougas

Janette W. Boughman

Elizabeth G. Boulding

Andrew Bourke

Vincent Bourret

Pierre Boursot

Kostas Bourtzis

Jeremy Bouyer

Juan Bouzat

Brian Bowen

Walter Boyce

Stephane Boyer

Frederic Boyer

Christine Bozarth

Benjamin Brachi

Ian Bradbury

Robert D. Bradley

Brenda Bradley

Sean Brady

Madalena Branco

Felix Breden

Carina Brehony

Patricia Brekke

Alan Brelsford

Adrian C. Brennan

François Bretagnolle

Amanda Bretman

Catherine M. Breton

Marine Brieuc

Patrícia Brito

Christian Brochmann

Michael Brockhurst

Jacques Brodeur

Anders Brodin

John Brookfield

Christopher P. Brooks

Thomas Broquet

Mike Brosnahan

Andrew V. Z. Brower

Jonathan Brown

Richard Brown

David S. Brown

Emily A. Brown

Mike Bruford

Robb Brumfield

Matthieu Bruneaux

Cliff Brunk

Ivano Brunner

Patrick C. Brunner

Thomas D. Bruns

Josef Bryja

James Buckley

Marc Buee

Sven Buerki

Angelo Bufalino

Richard J. A. Buggs

Mark Bulmer

Vincent Buonaccorsi

Frank Burbrink

Jaroslaw Burczyk

Theresa Burg

Concetta Burgarella

Jutta Burger

Reinhard Bürger

Treena Burgess

Malcolm D. Burgess

Catherine Burke

Andrew S. Burrell

Reto Burri

Ronald S. Burton

Joseph D. Busch

Jutta Buschbom

Peter Buston

Roger Butlin

Margaret Byrne

Armando Caballero

Sara Cahan

Ana Caicedo

Charlie Calisher

Hilary Callahan

Ryan Calsbeek

J. J. Calvete

Arley Camargo

Sydney Cameron

Andrea Campisano

Daniele Canestrelli

Cristian Capelli

Lorenzo Capucci

Luigi Caputi

Claudia Carareto

Ignazio Carbone

Jean Carlier

Matthew Carling

Dave Carlon

Jens Carlsson

Ginger Carney

Salvador Carranza

Fabian Carriconde

Bryan C. Carstens

Gary Carvalho

Bryan Cassone

Griet Casteleyn

Rita Castilho

Jessica Castillo

Vincent Castric

Francesco Catania

Alejandro Centeno-Cuadros

Thure Cerling

Chris Chabot

Frédéric J. J. Chain

Yvonne Chan

Benny K. K. Chan

Lauren Chan

Yingguang Chan

Robert W. Chapman

David G. Chapple

Marie-Pierre Chapuis

Elodie Chapuis

Michel Chapuisat

Nathalie Charbonnel

Sylvain Charlat

M. A. Charleston

Marie Charpentier

Jérôme Chave

R. A. Cheke

Chaolun Allen Chen

Jinping Chen

Wen Chen

Yolanda H. Chen

Gang Chen

Pierre-Olivier Cheptou

Zac Cheviron

Satoshi Chiba

Lounès Chikhi

Neil B. Chilton

Adam Chippindale

Lukas Choleva

Philippe Christe

Mark R. Christie

Myong Gi Chung

Igor J. Chybicki

Angelica Cibrian

M. Ciosi

Alberto Civetta

Elizabeth L. Clare

Melody Clarke

Andrew Clarke

Keith Clay

Sonya Clegg

Jérémy Clotault

Tim Clutton-Brock

Andrew Cockburn

M. A. Coffroth

Fred Cohan

Eric Coissac

Robert I. Colautti

Gabriel Colbeck

Rosane Collevatti

Caroline Colliard

Hélène Collin

Sinead Collins

Hans-Peter Comes

Ralf Conrad

Sofia Consuegra

Elena Conti

David Conway

James Cook

Georgina M. Cooke

Caren B. Cooper

Steve Cooper

Jukka Corander

Cinzia Corinaldesi

Luca Corlatti

Charlie Cornwallis

Paulo Corti

Bradley J. Cosentino

Jean-François Cosson

Filipe Costa

Mark Costello

Joan Cottrell

Aurélie Coulon

Brian A. Counterman

Pierre-Emmanuel Courty

Marie-Agnes Coutellec

D. A. Cowan

R. K. Cowen

Karen Cox

Robert M. Cox

Salvatore Cozzolino

Timothy Craig

Keith Crandall

Eric Crandall

Dan Crawford

Bernard J. Crespi

Charles D. Criscione

Francois Criscuolo

Erika Crispo

Thomas Crist

Melania E. A. Cristescu

Matt Cronin

Katalin Csillery

Francisco Cubillos

Catherine I. Cullingham

Mathias Currat

Thomas Curtis

Rosane Curtis

Samuel Cushman

Ana Cutrera

Fernando Mendonça d'Horta

Daniele Daffonchio

Francesco Dal Grande

Love Dalén

Toby S. Daly-Engel

Anne C. Dalziel

John A. Darling

Patrice David

William S. Davidson

Wayne Davies

Sarah Davies

Jonathan Davies

Frank Davis

Emily S. Davis

Michael Dawson

Fábio de Almeida Vieira

Marta De Barba

Peter de Knijff

Pilar De la Rúa

Guillaume de Lafontaine

Giulio De Leo

Nicola De Maio

Juliette de Meaux

Thierry De Meeûs

Stephane de Mita

Sophie de Proce

Daniela De Toni

Franciska De Vries

Bruce Deagle

Vincent Debat

Thibaud Decaëns

Ellen Decaestecker

Jennifer Dechaine

Eric De Chaine

Franck Dedeine

Jacquelin De Faveri

Bernard Degnan

Tony Dejean

Irene Del Cerro

Deborah A. Delaney

Katy Delaney

Mary Delany

Francois Delmotte

Terrence Demos

William De Mott

Hannes Dempewolf

David Des Marais

Philippe Deschamps

Laurence Despres

Marie-Laure Desprez-Loustau

Giovanni Destro-Bisol

Jeremy Dettman

Aurélie Deveau

Thomas J. Devitt

Michael J. Dewey

Jennifer De Woody

Randy De Young

Joseph Di Battista

Melissa Di Biasse

Ian Dickie

Timothy A. Dickinson

Steve DiFazio

Guo-Chun Ding

Jose Alexandre F. Diniz-Filho

Mélanie Dionne

Christopher J. Dixon

Angel P. Diz

Katrina Dlugosch

Sergey Dobretsov

Margaret F. Docker

Richard Dodd

Michael Doebeli

Blandine Doligez

Gaynor Dolman

Vera Domingues

Philip Donoghue

Alex Dornburg

Marlis Douglas

Norman A. Douglas

Greg Douhan

Claudie Doums

Claudia Drees

Don Driscoll

Fang K. Du

Sylvain Dubey

Eric Dubinsky

Pierre Duchesne

Rachael Y. Dudaniec

Vivien G. Dugan

Alex J. Dumbrell

Jerome Duminil

Alison Duncan

Stacey J. Dunn

Glenn J. Dunshea

Isabelle Dupanloup

Lise Dupont

Walter Durka

Cyril Dutech

Ludovic J. A. Duvaux

David Duvernell

Rodney Dyer

Kelly Dyer

Dieter Ebert

Andrew Eckert

Pim Edelaar

Danielle L. Edwards

Ivan Edwards

Scott V. Edwards

Scott P. Egan

Dorothee Ehrich

Jørgen Eilenberg

John Eimes

Sigurd Einum

Robert Ekblom

Jan Ekman

Stefan Ekman

Omar Eldakar

Mark Eldridge

Willy Eldridge

Marianne Elias

Christopher K. Ellison

Norm Ellstrand

Kathryn R. Elmer

Kevin Emerson

Nancy Endersby

Jérôme Enjalbert

Richard Ennos

Laura Epp

Clinton Epps

Deana Erdner

Fabrice Eroukhmanoff

Matthew Escobar

Maria Anahi Espindola

Jake Esselstyn

Arnaud Estoup

William J. Etges

Ron Etter

Guillaume Evanno

Ben Evans

Melissa Evans

Tyler G. Evans

Meredith V. Everett

John G. Ewen

Ron I. Eytan

Anna Fabiani

Benoit Facon

Steve Fain

Brant Faircloth

Dan Faith

Angela Falciatore

Shaohua Fan

Denis Fargette

Anthony Farrell

Søren Faurby

Cecile Fauvelot

Guido Favia

Colin Favret

Justin C. Fay

Scott Fay

Jeffrey Feder

Vadim Fedorov

Heike Feldhaar

Kevin A. Feldheim

Moshe Feldman

Tom Fenchel

Antoni Fernández-Guerra

Juan Fernando Fernández-Manjarrés

Fernando Fernandez-Mendoza

Manuel Ferrer

María Ester Ferrero

Kathleen Ferris

Marco Festa-Bianchet

Philine G. D. Feulner

Rene Feyereisen

Gentile F. Ficetola

Andrew E. Fidler

David L. Field

Kenneth Filchak

Jonathan Filée

Debra Finn

Cadhla Firth

Martin C. Fischer

Matt Fisher

Tonja Fisher

Benjamin Fitzpatrick

Mark J. Fitzpatrick

Jon Fjeldså

Oystein Flagstad

Thomas Flatt

Samuel Flaxman

Patrick Flight

David W. Foltz

Dina M. Fonseca

Vera G. Fonseca

Diego Fontaneto

Andrew A. Forbes

Michael Ford

Matthew L. Forister

Naomi Forrester

Wolfgang Forstmeier

Marie-Josee Fortin

William Foster

Nicola L. Foster

Leonard Foster

Russell Foster

Elisabeth Fournier

Alexandre Fournier-Level

Paolo Franchini

Olivier Francois

Alain Frantz

Bonnie A. Fraser

Devaughn Fraser

Timothy R. Frasier

Adam Freedman

Joanna Freeland

Mark Freeman

Francesca Frentiu

Pascal Frey

Lise Frezal

Urban Friberg

Claudia Fricke

Vicki L. Friesen

Marc Frischer

Uwe Fritz

Asa Frostegard

William Fry

Jane Frydenberg

Jerome Fuchs

Matt Fujita

Luca Fumagalli

Daniel J. Funk

Barbara Fussi

Andreas Futschik

Jürgen Gadau

Pierre-Alexandre Gagnaire

Manfred Gahr

Oliver Gailing

Michelle R. Gaither

Gonzalo Gajardo

Pierre E. Galand

Kurt Galbreath

Heather Galindo

Juan Galindo

Miguel Gallach

Tony Gamble

Hugo F. Gante

Guangtu Gao

Matteo Garbelotto

Pascale Garcia

Beatriz A. García

Cristina García

Carlos Garcia de Leaniz

Jose Luis Garcia-Marin

Eva Garcia-Vazquez

Monique Gardes

Jennifer Gardy

Shawn Garner

Trenton Garner

Stéphane Garnier

Ryan C. Garrick

Colin Garroway

Michael R. Garvin

John Carlos Garza

John Gaskin

Myriam Gaudeul

Laurène Gay

Eli Geffen

Catherine Gehring

Sylvie Geiger

Jonathan Geller

József Geml

Martin Genner

Sébastien Gérardi

Philippe Gerbeaux

Gabriele Gerlach

Godelieve Gheysen

Fabrizio Ghiselli

H. Lisle Gibbs

Jean-Michel Gibert

Robert Gibson

Phillip Gienapp

Thomas Gilbert

James D. J. Gilbert

Steven R. Gill

Mariangela Girlanda

M. A. Gitzendanner

Elisabetta Giuffra

Thomas Givnish

Pierre Gladieux

Jenny Gleason

Travis C. Glenn

Richard E. Glor

Angélique Gobet

Matthew R. Goddard

Anna Godhe

José A. Godoy

Filipa Godoy-Vitorino

Daniel Goedbloed

Frederick Goetz

Koichi Goka

Caren S. Goldberg

Ivan Gomez-Mestre

Daniel Gomez-Uchida

Zachariah Gompert

Eva Gonzales

Josefa Gonzalez

Santiago C. González-Martínez

Mercedes González-Wangüemert

Sara Goodacre

Michael Goodisman

Kari R. Goodman

Stephen B. Goodwin

Benoit Goossens

Isabel Gordo

David M. Gordon

William Gosling

Erica Goss

Toni Gossmann

Yoav Gothilf

Susumu Goto

Jerome Goudet

Wolfgang Goymann

Paul P. Grabowski

Andrew Y. Gracey

William Stewart Grant

Christopher J. Grassa

Jacob Gratten

Paolo Gratton

Tabitha Graves

Wayne Greene

Matthew Greenstone

Simon Griffith

Andrea Grill

Delphine Grivet

Ilan Gronau

Richard Grosberg

Briana L. Gross

Martin Grube

Jared Grummer

Niklaus Grünwald

Herve Gryta

Felix Gugerli

Paul F. Gugger

Thomas Guillemaud

Gilles Guillot

Bruno Guinand

Emmanuel Guivier

Songtao Guo

Juan Guo

Rick Gustafson

Ryan Gutenkunst

David Guttman

Christoph R. Haag

Hallvard Haanes

Martin Haase

Jana Haase

Ryan J. Haasl

Jan C. Habel

Penelope Haddrill

Daniel Hahn

Daymon Hail

Frank Hailer

Tim Hain

Marie Hale

James Hale

Fabien Halkett

Sara Hallin

Richard C. Hamelin

Jill Hamilton

Ali Hamilton

Arndt Hampe

Jim Hamrick

Sveinn Hanssen

Bengt Hansson

Lawrence Harder

Tilmann Harder

Christopher M. Hardy

Olivier Hardy

Matthew Hare

Luke Harmon

Richard Harrington

Stephen Harris

James Harris

Richard Harrison

Xavier Harrison

L. G. Harshman

Michael Hart

Nils Hartmann

Mike Harvey

Yasuyuki Hashiguchi

Martin Hasselmann

Heidi C. Hauffe

Bernhard Hausdorf

Lorenz Hauser

Paul Hayes

D. Haymer

Alexander Hayward

Daniel D. Heath

Katy Heath

Benjamin C. Hecht

Gerald Heckel

Marshal C. Hedin

Philip W. Hedrick

Jan Heggenes

Andrew J. Heidel

Maike Heidemeyer

Jack Heinemann

Tobias Heinen

Berthold Heinze

Heikki Helanterä

Thorunn Helgason

Agnar Helgason

Michael Hellberg

Rasmus Heller

Olof Hellgren

Ines Hellmann

Sarah J. Helyar

Ryan R. Hemme

Jakob Hemmer-Hansen

Andrew Hendry

Martin Henery

Daniel A. Henk

Brenna Henn

Ian Henry

Michael Henshaw

Heikki Henttonen

Christine Henzler

Kyle Hernandez

Carlos M. Herrera

Michael J. Hickerson

Michio Hidaka

Mohamed Hijri

A. Hilbeck

Nichola J. Hill

Bradley Hillman

Chris Himes

Akira Hirao

Sarah M. Hird

Simon Ho

Galice Hoarau

Axel Hochkirch

Stephanie Hodges

Kathryn Hodgins

Marion Hoehn

Eric Hoffman

Joe I. Hoffman

Ary Hoffmann

Michael Hofreiter

Jacob Höglund

Paul A. Hohenlohe

Anneli Hoikkala

Rolf Holderegger

Jason A. Holliday

Kat Holt

David Holway

Christina M. Holzapfel

Olivier Honnay

Danny A. P. Hooftman

Kelli Hoover

Andrew G. Hope

Elvira Hörandl

Sara Hortal

Daniel Howard

Tomas Hrbek

Jan Hrcek

Zi-Min Hu

Yibo Hu

Yi Hu

Shuang-Quan Huang

Shengwei Huang

Pu Huang

Nicolas Hubert

Elise Huchard

Alan Hudson

Raymond Huey

Matthew B. Hufford

Randall Hughes

Jane M. Hughes

Darrin Hulsey

P. Hulva

Harriet V. Hunt

Peter Hunt

Molly Hunter

Jane Hurst

Greg Hurst

Luis Hurtado

Matthew Hutchings

Virginie Hutsemekers

Katie E. Hyma

Hajime Ikeda

Juan Carlos Illera

Katriina L. Ilves

Simone Immler

Travis Ingram

Pär K. Ingvarsson

Darren E. Irwin

Nathalie Isabel

Yuji Isagi

Heather D. Ishak

Farah Ishtiaq

Jennifer L. Ison

K. Isvaran

Aniek B. F. Ivens

Eric M. Iwamoto

Antonio Izzo

Kim Jaatinen

Todd R. Jackman

Andrew O. Jackson

Alexis Jackson

Frode Jacobsen

Magnus W. Jacobsen

Hans Jacquemyn

John Jaenike

Tim James

Patrick M. A. James

Jan Janecka

Karel Janko

Julie Jaquiéry

Juan P. Jaramillo-Correa

Simon Jarman

Susan Jarvi

Ken M. Jeffries

Tania Jenkins

Paul Jenkins

Henrik Jensen

Lasse Fast Jensen

Mark Jervis

Tereza Jezkova

Shalene Jha

Chris Jiggins

Francis M. Jiggins

Elizabeth Jockusch

Kerstin Johannesson

Magnus P. Johansson

Helena Johansson

Jerald Johnson

Michael Johnson

Paul C. D. Johnson

Collin H. Johnson

Eric Johnson

Warren E. Johnson

Kevin P. Johnson

Christine Kreuder Johnson

Susan E. Johnston

Didier Jollivet

Dominique Joly

Gareth Jones

F. Andy Jones

Adam G. Jones

Felicity Jones

Stéphane Joost

Per Erik Jorde

Leo Joseph

Lou Jost

Hélène Jourdan-Pineau

Emmanuelle Jousselin

Domino Joyce

Carlos Juan

Thomas Juenger

Andrew Juhl

Alistair Jump

Ari Jumpponen

Joachim W. Kadereit

Renaud Kaeuffer

Thomas Källman

Martin Kaltenpoth

Gweneal Kaminski

Naohisa Kanda

Le Kang

Yoichiro Kanno

Merijn Kant

Stephen A. Karl

Sophie Karrenberg

Laura Katz

Silke Kauferstein

Håvard Kauserud

Martin Kavaliers

Takeshi Kawakami

Shoji Kawamura

Tadeusz Kawecki

Roland Kays

Brian Keane

Katharina Keil

Alon Keinan

Laurent Keller

Stephen Keller

Lukas Keller

Vanessa Kellermann

Joanna Kelley

Katrin Kellner

Harald Kellner

John Kelly

Florent Kempf

Petry Kemppainen

Peter Kennedy

Lorna J. Kennedy

Jason Kennington

J. Scott Keogh

Carole Kerdelhué

Gavin Kernaghan

Chris Kettle

Nusha Keyghobadi

Abderrahman Khila

Alexander Kieneke

Rebecca Kilner

Sang-Tae Kim

Sarah Kingan

Karin C. Kiontke

David L. Kirchman

Nathan L. Kirk

Heather Kirk

Alex Kirschel

Levente Kiss

Keiko Kitamura

Jun Kitano

James Kitson

Pattamaporn Kittayapong

Staffan Kjelleberg

Rasmus Kjoller

Etienne K. Klein

Peter Klepsatel

Pavel Klimov

Hans Klompen

Rob Knight

Matthew Knope

Karelyn E. Knott

Sarah Knowles

Halvor Knutsen

S. Koblmuller

Hauke Koch

Sarah Kocher

Walt Koenig

Robert Kofler

Alain Kohl

Michael Kohn

Linda Kohn

Roger Koide

Jason Kolbe

Johnathan Kool

Jan Korbel

Peter Korsten

Marju Korsten

Petr Kotlik

Vassiliki Koufopanou

Ken Kozak

Krzysztof M. Kozak

Ken Kraaijeveld

Robert H. S. Kraus

Natacha Kremer

Daniel Kronauer

Marcus R. Kronforst

Meade Krosby

Konstantin Krutovsky

Karen B. Kubow

Shawn Kuchta

Tyler S. Kuhn

Yosuke Kuroda

Tom Kursar

Junko Kusumi

Laura Kvist

Christopher J. Kyle

Justin B. Lack

Hania Lada

Jason T. Ladner

Shawn W. Laffan

Linda A. Lait

Todd C. LaJeunesse

Fabien C. Lamaze

Thomas Lamy

Jean-Baptiste Lamy

Melanie Lancaster

Tonya A. Lander

Erin L. Landguth

Kevin Langergraber

Hayley C. Lanier

Anders Lanzen

Rick LaPoint

Maarten H. D. Larmuseau

Peter Foged Larsen

Line-Kristin Larsen

Allan Larson

Shawn Larson

Martin Lascoux

Jesse R. Lasky

Emily Latch

Robert G. Latta

Michael Lattorff

Ane T. Laugen

M. Lawniczak

Lori Lawson Handley

Cristiano Lazoski

Bruno Le Cam

Steven Le Comber

Valérie Le Corre

Mickael Le Gac

Johannes Le Roux

Adam Leaché

Jonathan Leake

Simon Leather

Stephen Leavitt

Paul Leberg

Christophe Lebigre

Nicolas Lecomte

Jean-Baptiste Ledoux

John Lee

Thierry Lefevre

Elizabeth A. Leger

Helen C. Leggett

Delphine Legrand

Jean-Luc Legras

Laurent Lehmann

Carlos Lehnebach

Paula Lehtonen

Vincent Leignel

Tuomas Leinonen

Päivi H. Leinonen

Rafael Leite

Frederik Leliaert

Christophe Lemaire

Mélissa Lemoine

Thomas Lenormand

Hans Lenstra

Tobias L. Lenz

Jennifer Leonard

Stefano Leonardi

Olivier Lepais

Paula K. Leskinen

Enrique P. Lessa

Benjamin H. Letcher

Adrian Leuchtmann

D. R. Levitan

Eric B. Liebgold

Juergen Liebig

Miriam Liedvogel

Jessica Light

Judita Lihova

Marcos P. Lima

Morten T. Limborg

Celeste Linde

Catherine Linnen

Bodo Linz

Jianquan Liu

Juan Quan Liu

Jin-Xian Liu

Changhong Liu

Shu-Sheng Liu

Yang Liu

Hui Liu

Tanya M. Llorens

Eugenia Y. Y. Lo

Jorge Lobo

Sean A. Locke

Volker Loeschcke

Konrad Lohse

Eric Lombaert

Anthony Long

Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde

Eline D. Lorenzen

Stephen C. Lougheed

Connie Lovejoy

Winsor Lowe

Benjamin Lowe

Carl Lowenberger

David Lowry

Jeffrey D. Lozier

Catherine Lozupone

Bao-Rong Lu

Eric Lucas

Françoise S. Lucas

Kay Lucek

Kristen E. Lucia

Dieter Lukas

Piotr Lukasik

Vimoksalehi Lukoschek

Erica Lumini

Jaakko Lumme

Max Lundberg

Petra Lundgren

David Lunt

Yonghai Luo

Pieternella Luttikhuizen

Michael D. J. Lynch

Denis H. Lynn

Li-Jun Ma

Martine Maan

Barbara K. Mable

John MacDonald

Milos Macholan

Nathalie Machon

Hugh Macisaac

Simon MacKenzie

Craig MacLean

Thomas Madsen

Gregory Maes

Christine Maggs

Pierre Magnan

Julien Mainguy

Masayuki Maki

Hannu I. Mäkinen

Jason Malaney

Ryszard Maleszka

Anita Malhotra

Jim Mallet

Martin Mallett

Eamonn Mallon

Carol Mallory-Smith

Vasiliy Malygin

Jennifer Mandel

Stéphanie Manel

Mollie Manier

Guilhem Mansion

Joseph D. Manthey

Ying-Bo Mao

Kangshan Mao

Karol Marhold

Stefano Mariani

Stephanie Mariette

John C. Marioni

Peter Marko

Therese Markow

R. Marmeisse

Robert E. Marra

Clare D. Marsden

David C. Marshall

Katharine A. Marske

Andrew Martin

Darren P. Martin

Sara Martin

Lynn B. Martin

Ryan A. Martin

Josué Martínez-de la Puente

Fernando Martinez-Garcia

Esperanza Martínez-Romero

Iñigo Martínez-Solano

Natália Martínková

Florent Martos

Joanna Masel

Ramon Massana

Brandon Matheny

Peter Mather

Verity Mathis

Marjorie Matocq

M. Matsui

Kevin Matteson

Conrad A. Matthee

Mikhail Matz

Jesus A. Mavarez

Xavier Mayali

Bryant McAllister

R. J. Scott McCairns

David E. McCauley

John E. McCormack

Melissa McCormick

Karen McCoy

Kevin G. McCracken

John H. McCusker

Megan McCusker

John McCutcheon

Carmel McDougall

Thomas C. McElroy

Catherine S. McFadden

Quinn S. McFrederick

Philip McGinnity

Alistair McGregor

Niall J. McKeown

Doyle McKey

J. S. McKinnon

Michael J. McLeish

Caleb McMahan

Mark McPeek

Susan McRae

John McVay

Raul F. Medina

Linda Medlin

Jon Mee

Mariah H. Meek

Michael H. Meeuwig

Thomas Mehner

Kristian Meier

Rick Meinersmann

Patrick G. Meirmans

Marina D. Meixner

Ulrich Melcher

Antonietta Mello

Jane Memmott

Joachim Mergeay

Guillaume Meric

Juha Merilä

Richard Merrill

Frank Messina

Jessica L. Metcalf

Muralidhar Metta

Dirk Metzler

Claude Miaud

Pawel Michalak

Richard Michalet

Johan R. Michaux

Andrew Michel

Jesus Miguez

Alexander S. Mikheyev

Borja Milá

Manfred Milinski

Mathew Miller

Joshua M. Miller

Kimberly A. Miller

Michael R. Miller

Nicholas J. Miller

Jiang Mingxi

Andreia Miraldo

Charles Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell-Olds

Suparna Mitra

Karen E. Mock

Jennifer Modliszewski

Annika Moe

Markus Moeseneder

Tamas Molnar

Stefano Mona

Michael T. Monaghan

Samrat Mondol

Thibaud Monnin

Arlee Montalvo

Josselin Montarry

Fernando Monteiro

Kristi Montooth

Catalina Monzón-Argüello

Kailen Mooney

Paula Vasconcelos Morais

Emily V. Moran

Nancy A. Moran

Patrick Moran

Clifford W. Morden

Corrie Moreau

Katy Morgan

Phillip A. Morin

Craig Moritz

Robin F. A. Moritz

Ashley B. Morris

Matthew Morris

Matthew Morris

David Morrison

Michael Morrissey

Philip K. Morton

Elena Mosca

Aurelie Moya

Brook T. Moyers

Carla Mucignat-Caretta

Jakob C. Mueller

Lynne Mullen

Marie-Hélène Muller

Daniel Muller

Eike Müller

Helene Muller-Landau

Joaquín Muñoz

Martha M. Muñoz

Violeta Muñoz-Fuentes

Jason Munshi-South

Joseph Munyaneza

Melanie A. Murphy

William Murphy

Marc Muskavitch

Benoit Nabholz

Yamama Naciri

Krystyna Nadachowska-Brzyska

Nicola Nadeau

Lisha Naduvilezhath

Satoshi Nagai

Russell Naisbit

Kerry Naish

Francesco Nardi

David R. Nash

Rayna Natcheva

Maria Navajas

Arcadi Navarro

Miguel Navascués

Daniel E. Neafsey

Thomas J. Near

Linda E. Neaves

Deborah A. Neher

Volker Nehring

Maurine Neiman

Jens Nejstgaard

Brad Nelson

Thom Nelson

Ingolf Nes

Rob W. Ness

Alejandro Nettel

Barbara Neuffer

Gabriel Nève

Cathy Newman

Irene Newton

Julienne Ng

David K. Ngugi

James A. Nicholls

Caroline M. J. Nieberding

Einar E. Nielsen

Matthew L. Niemiller

Pirmin Nietlisbach

Gonzalo Nieto Feliner

Raisa Nikula

Frank Nilsen

Henrik Nilsson

Elina L. Niño

Rick Nipper

Arne W. Nolte

Benjamin Normark

Fabian Norry

Patrik Nosil

John Novembre

Carsten Nowak

Vera L. Nunes

Beatrice Nussberger

Tommi Nyman

Jack O'Brien

James O'Donnell

Robert B. O'Hara

Eric M. O'Neill

Patrick T. O'Reilly

Darren Obbard

Dietrich Ober

Anders Ödeen

Rob Ogden

Kevin P. Oh

Ben Oldroyd

Marjorie F. Oleksiak

Rita Oliveira

Jeffrey C. Oliver

Tom Oliver

Keith R. Oliver

Jeanine Olsen

Kenneth M. Olsen

Lucretia E. Olson

Zachary H. Olson

Matthew S. Olson

Mats Olsson

Elen Oneal

Gerard Oostermeijer

Lars Opgenoorth

Maarja Öpik

Dorcas Orengo

Ludovic Orlando

Juan Francisco Ornelas

Luisa Orsini

Jorge Ortega

Joaquin Ortego

A. Ortiz

Megan J. Osborne

Kjartan Ostbye

James Ottea

Diana Outlaw

Jennifer R. Ovenden

Robin Owen

Geoffrey Oxford

Sara Oyler-McCance

Fusun Ozer

Annalise Paaby

Craig Packer

Laurence Packer

Martin Paeckert

Antonio Pagarete

Ferran Palero

Eduardo Palma

Clarisse Palma-Silva

Nicola Palmieri

Jukka U. Palo

Per J. Palsboll

Friso P. Palstra

Pekka Pamilo

Alexander S. T. Papadopulos

Spiros Papakostas

Thomas Parchman

Laura Parducci

Laura Parfrey

Christian Parisod

Matt Parker

Patricia G. Parker

Jacob Parnell

Sally Partridge

Julian Partridge

Luis Pastene

John R. Paul

Gustav Paulay

Octavio S. Paulo

Ovidiu Paun

Maxime Pauwels

Scott A. Pavey

P. Pavlidis

Jan Pawlowski

Robert J. Paxton

Rod Peakall

Morgan Pearcy

Peter B. Pearman

Devon E. Pearse

Kabir Peay

Jean Peccoud

Jan Pechenik

Jes Soe Pedersen

Pedro Pedro

Christian Peeters

Tobin L. Peever

Catherine L. Peichel

Tara Pelletier

Pieter B. Pelser

Josephine Pemberton

Mitzy Pepper

Diana M. Percy

Elena L. Peredo

Luiz H. G. Pereira

Ricardo T. Pereyra

Jessica Perez-Alquicira

Andrés Pérez-Figueroa

Javier Pérez-González

Javier Pérez-Tris

Steve J. Perlman

Noah Perlut

Silvia Perotto

Leon Perrie

Charles Perrier

Joe Perry

Martina Peter

Benjamin M. Peter

Bill Peterman

Jeffrey L. Peters

Dorthe Petersen

Stephen W. Peterson

Brant Peterson

Eric Petit

D. A. Petrov

James Pettengill

Markus Pfenninger

Michael E. Pfrender

Laurent Phillipot

Caleb Phillips

Ivan C. Phillipsen

Xavier Picó

Michele Piercey-Normore

Fabien Pierron

Stuart Piertney

G. Piganeau

Maxine Piggott

Malgorzata Pilot

Daniel Piñero

Fabio Pinheiro

Catarina Pinho

Malin L. Pinsky

Joao Pinto

Jorge H. Pinzón

Alison Pischedda

Trevor Pitcher

Olivier Plantard

Yves Plante

Alexander Platt

Monica F. Poelchau

Jelmer Poelstra

Hendrik N. Poinar

Lisa Pokorny

Jean-Francois Pombert

Thomas Pommier

Francois Pompanon

Joan Pons

John Pool

Dorota L. Porazinska

Daniel M. Portik

David S. Portnoy

Erik Postma

Robert Poulin

Michael Poulsen

Rodolphe Poupardin

Tom Powers

Peter Prentis

Shauna Price

Craig Primmer

Ellen Pritham

Jim Prosser

Jim Provan

Franck Prugnolle

Julien Prunier

Ewa Przybos

Oscar Puebla

Sebastien Puechmaille

Nicolas Puillandre

Benoit Pujol

Jose Martin Pujolar

Michael Purugganan

Gary Puterka

Pei-Yuan Qian

Yanhua Qu

Swee Peck Quek

David Queller

Valentin Queloz

Erwan Quéméré

Mauricio Quesada

Lina Maria Quesada-Ocampo

Ute Radespiel

Jacek Radwan

Joost A. M. Raeymaekers

Om P. Rajora

Alisa P. Ramakrishnan

Uma Ramakrishnan

Alban Ramette

Santiago R. Ramirez

David Rand

Jan Randall

Ettore Randi

Findley Ransler

Hilary Ranson

Morten Rasmussen

Claus Rasmussen

Maria Berica Rasotto

Jean-Yves Rasplus

Mirosław Ratkiewicz

Catarina Rato

Virginie Ravigné

Alan Raybould

Gilles Raye

David J. Read

Daniel Read

Michael Reagon

Mohan Reddy

Rosie Redfield

Carol Reeb

Joshua Reece

David L. Reed

Martin Reichard

Noah M. Reid

Sébastien Renaut

Susan C. P. Renn

Susanne S. Renner

Thorsten B. H. Reusch

Robert G. Reynolds

Graham Reynolds

Mina Rho

Tiayyba Riaz

Ângela M. Ribeiro

Ignacio Ribera

Amber Rice

William Rice

Christina L. Richards

Corinne L. Richards-Zawacki

David S. Richardson

Jonathan Richardson

Alistair Richardson

Adam Richman

Ciro Rico

Brett Riddle

Adrien Rieux

Cynthia Riginos

Kaisa Rikalainen

Margaret Riley

Ana Rincon

Max Ringler

Eric Rittmeyer

Markus S. Ritz

Marc Rius

Christian Robert

David G. Roberts

Cécile Robin

Stacie Robinson

Juan Jose Robledo-Arnuncio

Luiz A. Rocha

George K. Roderick

Mauricio Rodriguez-Lanetty

Dick Roelofs

Danny Rojas

Antonis Rokas

Lee Ann Rollins

Gregor Rolshausen

Patricia E. Rosel

Erica Bree Rosenblum

Jay Rosenheim

Tomas Roslin

Anna Rosling

Kenneth G. Ross

Stephen Rossiter

Olivia Roth

Alexandre Roulin

Anne Roulin

Géraldine Roux-Morabito

Sean M. Rovito

Mélanie Roy

Benjamin E. R. Rubin

Daniel Rubinoff

Manuel Ruedi

Kristen T. Ruegg

Olav Rueppell

Raul A. Ruiz

Valentí Rull

Amy Runck

A. F. Russell

Colin Russell

Jacob A. Russell

Linda Y. Rutledge

Daniel Ruzzante

Martin K. Ryberg

Oliver A. Ryder

Nils Ryman

Tatiana Rynearson

Maurice Sabelis

Joel Sachs

Loren C. Sackett

Benjamin N. Sacks

T. B. Sackton

Suzanne Sadedin

Pablo Saenz-Agudelo

Glenn-Peter Saetre

A. G. Saez

Toni Safner

Eric Saillant

Takeshi Sakurai

Camilo Salazar

Walter Salzburger

Karen Samis

Jose Paulo Sampaio

Eugenia M. Sampayo

Jane Sampson

Rosa Ana Sánchez-Guillén

Jon Sanders

Kate Sanders

Tao Sang

Diego Santiago-Alarcon

Jorge W. Santo Domingo

Mauro Santos

Anna W. Santure

Thomas W. Sappington

Nicholas Sard

Brice A. J. Sarver

Jordan Satler

Erin Saupe

Alexander Saveljev

Vincent Savolainen

Massimo Scandura

David Scanlan

Martin Schaefer

Lukas Schärer

Helmut Schaschl

Sonja J. Scheffer

Christoph Scheidegger

John Schenk

Holger Schielzeth

Heidy Schimann

Michael Schloter

Christian Schlötterer

Philipp Schlueter

Dolph Schluter

Jochen Schmid

Paul Schmid-Hempel

Paul Schmidt

Steve Schmidt

Thomas Schmitt

Andrew F. Schnabel

Gerald M. Schneeweiss

Isabelle Schön

Peter Schönswetter

Sean D. Schoville

Andreas Schramm

Andrea Schreier

Aaron W. Schrey

Sabine Schrimpf

Mary A. Schuler

Patricia M. Schulte

James A. Schulte

Tonia S. Schwartz

Egbert Schwartz

Ivan Scotti

Alison Scoville

Jeremy Searle

Mark Sears

Jean Secondi

James E. Seeb

Ole Seehausen

Kristina Sefc

Gernot Segelbacher

Ricardo A. Segovia

Kari A. Segraves

Ravinder N. M. Sehgal

Masashi Sekino

Kimberly A. Selkoe

Anna B. Sellas

Colin Selman

Marc-André Selosse

Ruchira Sen

Perttu Seppä

Dimitar R. Serbezov

Ester A. Serrão

Jason Sexton

Carla Sgrò

Aaron Shafer

Beth Shapiro

Michael D. Shapiro

Tim Sharbel

Stuart P. Sharp

Paul W. Shaw

Wasim Shehzad

Donald B. Shepard

Steve Sheppard

Samuel K. Sheppard

Craig D. H. Sherman

William B. Sherwin

Suhua Shi

Takahito Shikano

Yukinori Shimada

Kentaro K. Shimizu

D. DeWayne Shoemaker

John Shorter

David Shuker

Delphine Sicard

Hannah V. Siddle

Mark Siegal

Matthew Siegle

Philippe Silar

Mark Simmons

Sherri Simmons

Ellen Simms

Jean-Christophe Simon

Sonal Singhal

Seeta Sistla

Jack W. Sites

Arjun Sivasundar

Pontus Skoglund

Tomaž Skrbinšek

Jon Slate

Gancho Slavov

Bernard Slippers

Christina Sloop

Michel A. Slotman

Tanja Slotte

Nicholas D. Sly

Carole M. Smadja

Randall L. Small

Deborah Smith

Steve J. Smith

Thomas B. Smith

Christopher R. Smith

Peter E. Smouse

Marinus J. M. Smulders

Allison Snow

Eeva Soininen

Leellen F. Solter

George N. Somero

Simone Sommer

H. Song

Jørn H. Sønstebø

Jesper Sørensen

Michael D. Sorenson

Erik E. Sotka

Vítor C. Sousa

Joe Spatafora

Garth M. Spellman

Phillip Q. Spinks

Göran Spong

Toby Spribille

Lewis Spurgin

Kate R. St Onge

T. Stadler

Jessica Stapley

J. L. Staton

Evan Staton

Stephen C. Stearns

Stephanie Steele

Tammy E. Steeves

Peter Steinberg

Sebastian Steinfartz

Rike B. Stelkens

Jennifer Stenglein

Wolfgang Stephan

Carol Stepien

Tomasz Stepkowski

Martin Stervander

Virginie M. Stevens

Neal Stewart

Marc Stift

John R. Stinchcombe

John Stireman

Kelly Stiver

Matthias Stöck

Jürg Stöcklin

Thorsten Stoeck

Solenn Stoeckel

Mark Stoneking

Andrew Storfer

Jay F. Storz

Jared Strasburg

Todd Streelman

Daniel Streicker

Réjane Streiff

Mike Strickland

Matthew J. Struebig

Kevin B. Strychar

Eva Stukenbrock

Christian Sturmbauer

Sergei Subbotin

Garret Suen

Karen E. Sullam

Jack Sullivan

Eiriki Sunamura

Paul Sunnucks

Yann Surget-Groba

Jolene T. Sutton

Nobuhiro Suzuki

Maria Svensson-Coelho

Nicolas Svetec

Bradley Swanson

Alfred E. Szmidt

Marta Szulkin

Jacek M. Szymura

Pierre Taberlet

Koji Takayama

Adam Takos

David A. Tallmon

Egle Tammeleht

Miika Tapio

Maja Tarka

Andrey Tatarenkov

Andrea C. Taylor

Andy Taylor

D. Lee Taylor

Leho Tedersoo

Sara Teixeira

Aurélien Tellier

Marina Telonis-Scott

Arndt Telschow

Alan R. Templeton

Henrique Teotonio

Yohey Terai

Meike Teschke

Keisuke Teshima

Maria Thaller

Christophe Thebaud

Xavier Thibert-Plante

Martin Thiel

Marco Thines

Jana N. Thoma

W. Kelley Thomas

Mark Thomas

Henri Thomassen

Andrew Thompson

Mark D. Thompson

Graham Thompson

Philip F. Thomsen

B. L. Thorne

Daniel J. Thornhill

Ryan A. Thum

Carrie S. Thurber

Dacheng Tian

Michel Tibayrenc

Ralph Tiedemann

Peter Tiffin

Alicia E. Timm

Tammy C. Tobin

Michael Tobler

Raymond Tobler

Antonio Todaro

Anne Todgham

Hirokazu Toju

Donna M. Toleno

Macarena Toll-Riera

Mari Mette Tollefsrud

Stephen J. Tonsor

Anni Tonteri

Alicia Toon

Robert Toonen

M. Toro

Fernando Torres-Perez

J. Tower

Jeffrey P. Townsend

Dorset W. Trapnell

Michael Traugott

Renaud Travadon

Tom Tregenza

Karin Tremetsberger

Eric A. Treml

Andreas Tribsch

David Troupin

Daryl R. Trumbo

Barbara Tschirren

Kin Ming Tsui

Neil D. Tsutsui

Priscilla K. Tucker

Christopher Turbill

Michael Turelli

Julie Turgeon

Peter Turnbaugh

Bruce J. Turner

Tom F. Turner

Xavier Turon

Pablo Turrero

Line V. Ugelvig

Tobias Uller

Robert L. Unckless

Martin Unterseher

J. Albert C. Uy

Juha-Pekka Vähä

René E. Vaillancourt

Ülo Väli

Kaisa Välimäki

Gediminas Valkiunas

Mario Vallejo-Marin

Judith van Bleijswijk

Ronald A. Van den Bussche

Marcel van der Heijden

Timo van der Niet

Kor-Jent van Dijk

Cindy Lee Van Dover

Hans Van Dyck

Kees van Oers

Hester van Schalkwyk

Arnoud Van Vliet

Philippe Vandenkoornhuyse

Wendy Vandersteen

Edward L. Vargo

Anti Vasemägi

Fabrice Vavre

Ella Vazquez-Dominguez

Xavier Vekemans

David Veliz

Guillermo Velo Antón

Miguel Vences

Giovanni G. Vendramin

Erik Verbruggen

K. J. F. Verhoeven

Yvonne I. Verkuil

Cristiano Vernesi

Hege Vestheim

Sara Via

Lidia Vidal-Rioja

Linda Vigilant

Sacha N. Vignieri

Yves Vigouroux

Roshan Vijendravarma

Roger Vila

Marta Vila

Lucie M. Vincenot

Pablo Vinuesa

Massimiliano Virgilio

Renaud Vitalis

Emma Vitikainen

Peter Vize

Heiko Vogel

Alfried P. Vogler

Lana Vojvodic

Sergei Volis

Leif A. Vøllestad

Sophie von der Heyden

Bernhard Von Hagen

Eric J. von Wettberg

Bridgett vonHoldt

Christian R. Voolstra

Christoph Vorburger

Robert C. Vrijenhoek

Wim Vyverman

Nakatada Wachi

Witold M. Wachowiak

Helene Wagner

Catherine E. Wagner

Niklas Wahlberg

John Wakeley

Jonas Waldenstrom

Ruth Waldick

Bruce Waldman

Craig A. Walling

Graham Wallis

Jean-Claude Walser

Eric Waltari

Catherine Walton

Xiao-Quan Wang

Ian J. Wang

Xiao-Ru Wang

Jing Wang

Yong Wang

Liuyang Wang

Wei Wang

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