mec12147-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF171KFig. S1 LOD plots for quantitative traits (seed shattering, heading date, plant height) across all twelve chromosomes in both mapping populations.
mec12147-sup-0002-FigS2.pdfapplication/PDF120KFig. S2 LOD plots for the qualitative traits (hull colour, awns) across all twelve chromosomes in the B mapping population.

Table S1 Means and standard deviations (in parenthesis) of phenotypes measured in cultivated and weedy populations.

Table S2 Phenotype values for the S population individuals.

Table S3 Phenotype values for the B population individuals.

Table S4 Pearson's correlations between traits in the F2 populations. Only significant correlations are shown. Bold represents correlations significant at P < 0.01, all others are significant at P < 0.05.

Table S5 Broad-sense heritability values for the quantitative traits studied.

Table S6 Genotypes of the B population individuals at all markers used for mapping.

Table S7 Genotypes of the S population individuals at all markers used for mapping.

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