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Appendix S1 Methods for Structure and Geneland analyses.

Appendix S2 Results for Structure and Geneland analyses.

Table S1 Number of sites surveyed, sites with eastern chestnut mouse captures, and occupancy by vegetation type.

Table S2 PCR conditions and characteristics of microsatellites.

Table S3 Pairwise site FST for the eastern chestnut mouse (FST for 2008–2009 below the diagonal, 2009–2010 above).

Table S4 Results of clustering analysis in Geneland.

Table S5 The number of individuals assigned to each population cluster in Geneland.

Table S6 Results of sex-biased spatial autocorrelation analysis for both survey years.

Table S7 Results of sex-biased dispersal test for both survey years using fstat.

Fig. S1 Number of population clusters identified using Structure.

Fig. S2 Estimates of population-specific FST (HPDIs) from geste. The 95% highest posterior density intervals of GESTE population-specific FST estimates (x-axis) for the nine populations with the largest sample sizes (y-axis).


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