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Fig. S1 Example of the fluctuations in temperature experienced over 1 month (August 2010) in a high and low population of Chondrus crispus at the Port de Bloscon, Brittany, France.

Fig. S2 The location of Chondrus crispus tetrasporophytes (T), vegetative gametophytes (G), female gametophytes (♀) and male gametophytes (♂) sampled in the (a) high 5 m grid and (b) low 5 m grid at the Port de Bloscon.

Fig. S3 The variation in the mean number of alleles with population size for each of the diploid and haploids subpopulations in the 5 m × 5 m grids and along the transects for n = 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 and 100.

Fig. S4 Spatial auto-correlation plots for the Port de Bloscon 5 m × 5 m grids and transects using Ritland's (1996) kinship coefficient as calculated in the program spagedi.

Table S1 The frequency of null alleles at each locus in each Chondrus cripsus stand estimated amongst the haploids and diploids separately in the (a) 5 m grids and (b) transects at the Port de Bloscon.

Table S2 The effect of variation between Chondrus crispus populations, ploidies and loci on (a) HE and b) AE in the 5 m × 5 m grids and (c) HE and (d) AE along the transects at the Port de Bloscon using three-way anova.

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