mec12219-sup-0002-Appendix_S1.txtplain text document30KAppendix S1 Including: 1. Individual ID; 2. Sex of individual; 3. Age of individual; 4. Body mass of individuals; 5. Tarsus length of individuals; 6. Allele sizes per locus.
mec12219-sup-0003-Appendix_S2.csvCSV document1KAppendix S2 Excel file in csv format including: 1. Identity of breeding groups; 2. Identity of group members (individual ID like specified in the genotype file); 3. Reproductive output of breeding groups as clutch size, number of hatched and fledged offspring.
mec12219-sup-0001-Appendix_S3.txtplain text document1KAppendix S3 Abbreviations used in Appendix S1 and S2.
mec12219-sup-0001-TableS1.docxWord document17KTable S1 Number of pairs (single breeders) and groups (pairs with helpers) captured in Buenaventura in three consecutive seasons.

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