Table S1 Characteristics of the primers for 16 noncoding regions of chloroplast DNA, with the results of polymorphism screening in 12 individuals of Shorea leprosula.

Table S2 DNA Data Bank of Japan (DDBJ) accession numbers for the sequences of four noncoding regions of chloroplast DNA obtained in this study.

Table S3 Results of FST outlier analysis for the 27 EST-SSR loci developed for Shorea leprosula performed using lositan software.

Table S4 Variable sites of the 28 Shorea leprosula chloroplast haplotypes, excluding SSRs.

Table S5 Summary of polymorphisms observed in the four noncoding chloroplast DNA regions.

Fig. S1 Relationships between the number of clusters (K) and the two statistics used to determine optimum K values: estimated log-likelihood (ln Pr(X|K), indicated by open circles; and ΔK (Evanno et al. 2005), indicated by filled circles.

Fig. S2 Estimated phylogenies of the 22 chloroplast haplotypes of Shorea leprosula according to Bayesian and maximum likelihood criteria.

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