• Marcial Escudero,

  • Pablo Vargas,

  • Paul Arens,

  • N. Joop Ouborg,

  • Modesto Luceño


This article corrects:

  1. The east-west-north colonization history of the Mediterranean and Europe by the coastal plant Carex extensa (Cyperaceae) Volume 19, Issue 2, 352–370, Article first published online: 9 December 2009

We wish to bring attention to the following correction to Escudero et al. (2010). The Material S1(C) file (MEC_4449_sm_SM5.txt) from the additional Supporting information contained an error with regard to the haplotype sequences of Carex extensa (see haplotypes A and B in Escudero et al. 2010). Specifically, the nucleotide sequences of haplotypes A and B were mixed up. This error was only in the uploaded version of this supplementary file and does not influence any of the results or conclusions of our work. A corrected version for the Material S1(C) (mec_12244_sm_SM5.txt) is presented in this Corrigendum.