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Table S1 Colony names and locations, samples sizes and descriptive statistics.

Table S2 Analysis results for the prairie dog metapopulation before plague and after recolonization.

Table S3 Pairwise FST values estimated in fstat for all study colonies, both (a) before plague and (b) after recolonization.

Table S5 Analysis results for prairie dog colonies before plague and after recolonization.

Table S6 Inference of the genetic effects of plague extirpation and subsequent recolonization in six colonies based on various measures of genetic diversity.

Fig. S1 Prairie dog numbers over time in relation to plague epidemic.

Fig. S2 Allelic richness (a) and heterozygosity (b) across years in five colonies following recolonization (Colony 30A is not shown because there are data from only 1 year of recolonization).

Fig. S3 Principal components analysis of prairie dog genotypes in two neighboring colonies (light green, 30A, and blue, 19A).

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Table S4 Inferred immigrants using the GeneClass2 frequencies-based assignment method.

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