mec12295-sup-0001_FigS1.docWord document178KFig. S1 (A) Detail of Robinson projection (Endler et al. 2005; Stoddard & Prum 2008) of lizard and visual background color components showing hue longitude on the x-axis and hue latitude on the y-axis calculated using the cone sensitivities of Anolis cristatellus (Loew et al. 2002). Inset shows position of all points in Robinson projection of complete tetrahedral color space.∆ = reflectance of visual background (vegetation and leaf-litter). ◊= dorsolateral reflectance of females. Other symbols are reflectance from adult males. Grey symbols represent A. m. inornatus, black symbols represent A. m. speciosus: ▲= eye ring; + = lateral tail; ● = dorsolateral head (temporal region); ■ = dorsolateral body (shoulder region); × = center of the dewlap. (B) Plots of lizard color components and visual background projected on the S, M, L face of the color space tetrahedron (looking down along the UV axis). The scale and orientation of the S, M, L color space on the x-y plot is shown in the inset. Symbols are the same as above.
mec12295-sup-0002_FigS2.docWord document94KFig. S2 Posterior probability distributions for the demographic parameters of Anolis marmoratus estimated from 1,731,863 genealogies generated by six independent MCMC runs of IMa2 (see text for model parameters).
mec12295-sup-0003-Supplementary Methods.docWord document47KAppendix S1 Microsatellite testing and selection.

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