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Fig. S1 Results of structure analyses for K = 3, the best fit to the data according to the Evanno method.

Table S1 Accessions and mean fold sequence coverage across the genome.

Table S2 Gene list of candidates with dN:dS > 1 and DtH in 5% tails; excel datasheet.

Table S3 MK test results for 206 genes with P < 0.05 and DoS > 0; excel datasheet.

Table S4 Distribution of fitness effects with singletons removed.

Table S5 Distribution of fitness effects for whole genome sample of 56 accessions with mixed coverage (Table S1) vs. 26 accessions with >12× coverage.

Table S6 Correlations of genomic features with evolutionary rates at non-synonymous (dN), synonymous (dS), dN:dS for 4931 genes with no evidence of expression.


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