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Table S1 Multiplexed microsatellite panels showing panel grouping, locus name, fluorescent dye used to label forward primer, number of alleles per locus in this study and published (Matsuba & Merilä 2009) allelic size range.

Table S2 Posterior probabilities (P) by model, calculated using the hierarchical Bayesian analysis GESTE (Foll & Gaggiotti 2006), to test for an effect of altitude (G1), mean annual temperature (G2) and mean spring temperature (G3) on genetic differentiation between sites.

Table S3 Pairwise Jost's D estimates. The abbreviation MNT is used for Meall nan Tarmachan.

Fig. S1 Plot of (a) mean annual temperature and (b) mean spring temperature, by altitude, fitted with the linear regression lines: (a) Mean annual temperature = (−0.0065 × Altitude) + 9.66, (r2 = 0.98, < 0.001); (b) Mean spring temperature = (−0.0053 × Altitude) + 8.57, (r= 0.87, P < 0.001).

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