Table S1 Isolation by distance (IBD) results from Mantel tests conducted in genodive 2.0b20 to examine patterns of genetic differentiation across multiple spatial scales based on sampling locations: all sites, only California sites, only Mexico sites, only continental sites, and only island sites.

Table S2 Locus-specific diversity indices and FST values as calculated in genodive for each of the seven nuclear microsatellite loci, and null allele frequency for each microsatellite locus as calculated in ML-Relate.

Table S3 Comparison of ML-Relate calculations of relatedness (r) and genodive calculations of kinship for each sampling location.

Fig. S1 Linear regression of mean pairwise local FST (squares, dashed line) and Dest_Chao (circles, solid line) at each site on the combined proportion of full- and half-sibs as determined in ML-Relate for seven microsatellite loci.

Fig. S2 Log-linear regression of mean relatedness (r) at each site on the distance (km) to the nearest edge of an area of high upwelling intensity (from Fig. 6a).

Fig. S3 Median-joining network for Panulirus interruptus mtDNA, constructed using 454 base pairs of cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) from each of 931 individuals in the program network


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