Corrigendum to the article ‘Recombination in the threespine stickleback genome - patterns and consequences’ by Roesti et al. 2013, in press for Molecular Ecology


  • Daniel Berner


This article corrects:

  1. Recombination in the threespine stickleback genome—patterns and consequences Volume 22, Issue 11, 3014–3027, Article first published online: 22 April 2013

In Roesti et al. (2013), we test for sex-related differences in autosomal recombination rates in threespine stickleback by combining sex information and crossover counts across both homologues of all autosomes in an F2 cross. We report the absence of such differences. However, this specific analysis is conceptually incorrect because F2 crossover counts across the homologues confound crossovers contributed by F1 males and females. A correct analysis would require genetic markers allowing counting crossovers on the homologues inherited from the F1 male versus female separately. In the absence of sequence data from the F1 generation, we cannot perform this analysis. Hence, whether the autosomal recombination landscape differs between the sexes in threespine stickleback remains an open question. We thank Catherine Peichel for bringing this detail to our attention.