mec12383-sup-0001-TablesS1-S3.docxWord document83KTable S1 Characteristics of the DNA regions sequenced. Table S2 List of accessions with localities, collection numbers, GenBank accession numbers and GPS coordinates. Table S3 Allele-specific primers (ASP) designed for the amplification of AGT1 haplotypes of the Lglacialis data set.
mec12383-sup-0002-FigureS1.pdfapplication/PDF173KFig. S1 Species tree of Linaria sect. Supinae subsect. Supinae sensu Blanco-Pastor (2012), with Larvensis and Lsaxatilis as outgroup.
mec12383-sup-0003-FigureS2.pdfapplication/PDF350KFig. S2 AGT1 dated tree of Lglacialis and substitution rates (right plot) as obtained from the Bayesian skyline plot analysis. AGT1 substitution rates of the sect. Supinae and subsect. Supinae datasets are also shown (left plot).
mec12383-sup-0004-FigureS3.pdfapplication/PDF825KFig. S3 (A–E) Maps showing the variation of average minimum annual temperatures in Sierra Nevada for the period 2010–2100 under the four projected climate change scenarios (A) CGCM2-a2, (B) CGCM2-b2, (C) ECHAM4-a2, (D) ECHAM4-b2.
mec12383-sup-0005-FigureS4.pdfapplication/PDF826KFig. S4 Joint representation of the BSP and EBSP analyses for past demographic trends (past 500 years) and future demographic projections (median values of Ne projections for the next 90 years as shown in Fig. 7).
mec12383-sup-0006-DataS1a.pdfapplication/PDF10762KData S1 (a) Results of migrate-n analyses for model comparison and (b) sequence alignment input file.
mec12383-sup-0007-DataS1b.seqplain text document233K 
mec12383-sup-0008-DataS2a.pdfapplication/PDF5636KData S2 (a) Results of migrate-n analyses for future projections and (b–j) sequence alignment input files.
mec12383-sup-0009-DataS2b.seqplain text document24K 
mec12383-sup-0010-DataS2c.seqplain text document46K 
mec12383-sup-0011-DataS2d.seqplain text document81K 
mec12383-sup-0012-DataS2e.seqplain text document97K 
mec12383-sup-0013-DataS2f.seqplain text document140K 
mec12383-sup-0014-DataS2g.seqplain text document155K 
mec12383-sup-0015-DataS2h.seqplain text document167K 
mec12383-sup-0016-DataS2i.seqplain text document193K 
mec12383-sup-0017-DataS2j.seqplain text document233K 
mec12383-sup-0018-DataS3.pdfapplication/PDF1420KData S3 Results of Maxent analysis under WorldClim variables.
mec12383-sup-0019-DataS4.pdfapplication/PDF9389KData S4 Results of Maxent analysis under Sierra Nevada Observatory for Global Change (SNOGC) variables.
mec12383-sup-0020-Materials-Methods.docxWord document41KAppendix S1 Supplementary materials, methods and results.

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