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Data S1. Microsatellite and heterozygosity data.

Data S2. Macroclimatic data.

Data S3. Microclimatic data.

Data S4. Morphological data.

Data S5. Data from Delmarva Peninsula.

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Text S1. Methodological details.

Text S2. Analytical details.

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Table S1. Locality sampling information.

Table S2. Individual specimen information, GenBank accession numbers.

Table S3. Primer information, PCR protocols.

Table S4. Macroclimate PCA results.

Table S5. STRUCTURE results.

Table S6. Microclimate statistical analyses.

Table S7. Morphology PCA results.

Table S8. FST, geographic distance for select populations.

Table S9. Mantel test results.


Fig. S1. Trees of mtDNA haplotypes.

Fig. S2. Map of geographic midpoints of salamander population categories on LI.

Fig. S3. Ancestral reconstruction using locality morph frequency as a continuous trait.

Fig. S4. PC1 vs. PC2 for morphological PCAs.

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