mec12430-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docxWord document17KAppendix S1 References.

Fig. S1 Physical map of the three-spined stickleback genome indicating the location of all markers screened in this study.

Fig. S2 Mean (a) expected heterozygosity and allelic richness (±SE) and (b) pairwise differentiation (±SE) as measured by FST (solid error bars) or D (dashed error bars) for each marker class.

Fig. S3 Distribution of FST for all loci.

Fig. S4 Neighbor joining trees of the ten marine sites for each of the 13 loci detected to be under directional selection.


Table S1 Basic information of microsatellite markers used in the study.

Table S2 Pairs of loci in linkage disequilibrium for each population, as estimated with Genepop.

Table S3 Pairwise FST values (upper diagonal) and D values (lower diagonal).

Table S4 P-values and log (PO) values from outlier detection methods.

Table S5 Examples of studies using genome scan approach based on global outlier test to identify directionally selected loci in marine organisms.,

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