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Table S1 Invertebrates collected from Ile aux Aigrettes and tested for PCR amplification with the two primers sets developed for 454 pyrosequencing, LCO-1490/Uni-MiniBar-R and LCO-1490/ZBJ-ArtR2c.

Table S2 Non-target species tested for cross-amplification with skink-specific (LtF/R) and shrew-specific (SmF/R) PCR primers.

Table S3 Numbers of shrews and skinks, of each sex, that contained each prey MOTU, excluding MOTUs that were only found in one animal overall.

mec12445-sup-0002-TableS4.xlsxapplication/msexcel36KTable S4 File ‘MOTUs consumed by shrews and skinks.xls’.
mec12445-sup-0003-TableS5.fastext/fas250KTables S5–S6 Spreadsheets including representative sequences for all haplotypes arising from NGS, fully processed, collapsed and aligned, allocated to individual predators and ready for analysis.

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