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Table S1. Environmental data relating to each population sample.

Table S2. Matrix of pairwise FST values based on 299 neutral SNPs.

Table S3. Hierarchical analysis of molecular variance (amova) for 299 putative neutral and 17 outlier SNPs.

Fig. S1. Results of correlation tests between allele frequencies and environmental variables: graphs A, C, E for seawater surface temperature (SST, C°); graphs B, D, F for salinity (S, psu).

Fig. S2. PCoA base on Edwards' genetic distance indexes.

Fig. S3. Results of DAPC based on outlier loci within Atlantic (A) and Mediterranean (B).

mec12568-sup-0002-FileS1.docxWord document47KAppendix S1. Additional information of methods and parameters used for statistical analyses.

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