Editorial 2014


State of the journal

Molecular Ecology continues to perform well according to the major publication metrics. In 2012, 445 items were published in the journal, the Impact Factor was 6.3, and Molecular Ecology articles were downloaded >1 million times. More than 4300 institutions across the globe had access to the journal through online licences, another 2600 institutions from the developing world were provided access for free or via reduced rates, and data from >95% of papers published in the journal were freely accessible online (Vines et al. 2013). In terms of overall impact, Molecular Ecology ranks second among Evolutionary Biology journals according to Google Scholar's h5 index, which rates journals by cumulative h-index over the past 5 years.


Molecular Ecology prize

The 2013 Molecular Ecology Prize was awarded to Professor Laurent Excoffier of the University of Bern for decisive contributions in the field of statistical genetics, human genetics and the modelling of the genetic consequences of range expansion. A biography of Laurent and his contributions to the field of molecular ecology can be found on page 16-19 of this issue.

Molecular Ecology road map

At the First Joint Congress on Evolutionary Biology 2012, we held an one-day symposium to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Molecular Ecology. The symposium showcased some of the best research in each of the fields covered by the journal, mapping out future research priorities with panel discussions. An online forum, where we obtained feedback from the broader molecular ecology community, took place following the symposium. These discussions formed the basis of a road map paper, which was published in the May 2013 issue of Molecular Ecology (Andrew et al. 2013a). This ‘road map for molecular ecology’ provides a brief perspective on each of the main subdisciplines of molecular ecology, describes key questions and goals, discusses common challenges, predicts future research directions and suggests research priorities for the next 20 years.


We wish to express our gratitude to our many referees, who are listed at the end of this editorial, for the donation of their time to the journal and to the discipline of molecular ecology.

Editorial philosophy

In a recent interview with the Molecular Ecologist blog (http://www.molecularecologist.com), we outlined our general philosophy for the journal. Below we provide a slightly edited excerpt from the interview that we felt would be especially relevant to our authors and readers. The excerpt outlines four general rules that guide our decision-making at Molecular Ecology:

  1. First, we base decisions about the acceptability of manuscripts for publication primarily on the quality of the science rather than on how well the manuscript fits the current scope of the journal. There are exceptions to this rule, of course, when papers are so different from what we typically publish that they would be of little interest to our readers. The rationale behind our emphasis on quality rather than scope is that we have seen many established journals decline because the perceived scope of the journal failed to expand quickly enough to capture studies based on new conceptual or technical advances. We do not want this to happen at Molecular Ecology. Indeed, we expect the scope to change as technology enables new ecological and evolutionary questions to be addressed with molecular genetic and genomic approaches.
  2. Our second rule is related to the first. We aim to publish papers that are both of high scientific quality and of broad importance to the field of molecular ecology. In 1999, we established an editorial policy that required papers to address a consequential question in ecology, evolution, behaviour or conservation and that discouraged papers that were primarily descriptive and/or only relevant to a single taxon. This editorial policy change helped define what papers we want or do not want to publish and continues to provide direction for our editors.
  3. A third rule is to provide an efficient, fair and friendly editorial service for our authors. We take great care in recruiting new editors and staff. We find that the performance of reviewers in terms of speed, critical thinking and fairness is highly predictive of how they will perform as editors. We also staff our editorial office with experts in molecular ecology (currently Dr. Tim Vines and Dr. Jen Gow). This leads to more rapid and thoughtful responses to author's queries than would otherwise be possible and also helps ensure that similar scientific standards are employed for decision-making across the journal.
  4. Lastly, we are strong advocates of open data. Thus, we support and enforce a stringent journal data archiving policy requesting that all ‘data supporting the results in the paper should be archived in an appropriate public archive’. Papers with exemplary data and code archiving are more valuable for future research, and all else being equal, will be given higher priority for publication. Journals that do not enforce data sharing, including some major Open Access journals, were recently shown to have very low rates of data availability (Vines et al. 2013). Because unshared data will probably be lost to science forever, we feel that more attention should be given to open data, and we do our best to make data archiving as straightforward as possible by directly coordinating uploads of data from accepted papers to Dryad.

Editorial issues

Submission of preprints

In the physical sciences, there has long been a tradition of sharing drafts of scientific papers with colleagues prior to publication in a peer-reviewed journal. This practice was formalized with the development of the arXiv preprint server, which democratized preprint sharing. While online preprint sharing is not yet widely implemented across the biological sciences, several initiatives are underway that may make this practice more common. This includes PeerJ PrePrints, a new preprint server for the Biological and Medical Sciences, and Haldane's Sieve (http://haldanessieve.org/), a blog that discusses arXiv papers in population and evolutionary genetics.

We have developed a formal policy at Molecular Ecology to accommodate preprint sharing in the molecular ecology community. We will consider submissions that have previously been made available online, either on a preprint server like arXiv, bioRxiv, or PeerJ PrePrints, or on the authors' own website. Any such submissions must, however, not have been published in a scientific journal, book or other venue that could be considered formal publication. Authors must inform the editorial office at submission if their paper has been made available as a preprint. Authors of accepted papers that were made available as preprints must be able to assign copyright to Molecular Ecology, or agree to the terms of the Wiley Open Access agreement and pay the associated fee.

Citation of preprints

Given that the measurable impact of the article is diminished when citations are split between the preprint and the published article, authors are required to: (i) update the entry on the preprint server so that it links to and cites the DOI for the published version and (ii) cite only the published article themselves.

Policy on independent peer review services

Another innovation in scientific publishing has been the development of independent review organizations such as Rubriq or Axios Review, which have the goal of reducing redundancy in the peer review system. Again, we are not opposed to such innovations and will consider referrals from independent review services. However, such manuscripts will likely be subject to additional review by Molecular Ecology, by either the original or new referees. If appropriate, we will invite authors to submit a revision of their manuscript to Molecular Ecology. Of course, we cannot guarantee a positive decision for referred manuscripts.

One of these companies (Axios Review) was founded by our Managing Editor, Tim Vines, but the new company and Tim's involvement in it are completely independent of Molecular Ecology. To avoid a potential conflict of interest, our other Managing Editor, Jen Gow, will handle any manuscripts that are referred to Molecular Ecology from Axios.

Highlights of 2013

The journal attempts to serve as the intellectual home for the community of molecular ecologists through the Molecular Ecologist blog, symposia, our News and Views section, special issues, comments and opinions, and so forth. Below, we briefly discuss some of the scientific highlights from the past year.

News and Views

Perspectives continue to be an important means for highlighting key papers, and making their findings and approaches as accessible as possible to a broad audience. By the end of October, the year 2013 included 30 published Perspectives. Topics ranged from investigations of mass flowering in tropical trees (Kobayashi et al. 2013), dispersal limitations in arctic protists (Heger et al. 2013), the importance of symbiotic bacteria for ant disease defenses (Rodriguez-Lanetty et al. 2013), the evolution of reproductive isolation via species recognition signals (Lambert et al. 2013), the maintenance of mutualisms (Orona-Tamayo et al. 2013) and the genetics of blackbird adaptations to urban environments (Mueller et al. 2013). In addition to Perspectives, the news and views section includes Opinions, meeting reviews, Comments and Replies, all of which included excellent papers in 2013.

The Comment section in particular has a long and important history in Molecular Ecology [the first was published in 2005 (Gosling & Bush 2005)], as these papers have provided the community with an opportunity to challenge results published in the journal. This is how science should operate: journal-based peer review cannot hope to catch every flawed paper, and sometimes problems only come to light when others evaluate the article as part of their own research. Furthermore, as analytical approaches improve, a reassessment of older data sets can be important and is becoming increasing feasible as data archiving policies improve at a number of journals, including Molecular Ecology. One encouraging development is the appearance of Comments that make use of data archived with the original paper to build upon or re-evaluate the authors' results and conclusions. These Comments are often much more fulfilling than previous exchanges, as reanalysis of the original data can lead to new insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the original paper and hence produce tangible progress for the field. Excellent recent examples of these data-driven Comments include Christie (2013) and Anderson et al. (2013a), and we hope that many more of these are submitted in future.

Special issues

Special Issues continue to be a useful way for the journal to highlight new developments in molecular ecology, as well as to provide a framework for future research in the discipline. In 2013, we published two high profile special issues: Evolutionary Ecological Genomics (Orsini et al. 2013a) and Genotyping-By-Sequencing (GBS) in ecological and conservation genomics (Narum et al. 2013). Together the special, issues show how genomic approaches are revolutionizing essentially all aspects of molecular ecology.

The special issue on evolutionary ecological genomics focused on the evolutionary genomics of adaptation. Different approaches were taken to identify and study the targets of adaptation including genome scans (Bourret et al. 2013; Bruneaux et al. 2013; Feulner et al. 2013) clinal analyses (Campitelli & Stinchcombe 2013), environmental association analyses (Orsini et al. 2013b), transcriptome analyses (Kvist et al. 2013; Lenz et al. 2013; Manousaki et al. 2013; Vijay et al. 2013), candidate gene studies (Brown et al. 2013; Colombo et al. 2013; Olsen et al. 2013), comparative QTL analyses (Thurber et al. 2013), field-based assessments of QTL fitnesses (Anderson et al. 2013b; Leinonen et al. 2013) and molecular network analyses (Schwartz & Bronikowski 2013). Many of the studies employed multiple methods for detecting natural selection and/or use the power of parallel evolution to provide greater confidence in inferences about the importance of selection (Colombo et al. 2013; Manousaki et al. 2013). Such studies represent the future of molecular ecology.

In addition to this main focus on the evolutionary genomics of adaptation, several other papers showed how genomic tools could be used to resolve genetic relationships in rapidly evolving taxa (Andrew et al. 2013b; Wagner et al. 2013), estimate genome-wide impacts of hybridization (Hamilton et al. 2013; Nadeau et al. 2013; Stoelting et al. 2013) and describe the diversity and composition of microbial communities (Coelho et al. 2013).

The special issue on genotyping-by-sequencing in ecological and conservation genomics was focused in methodology, while addressing a more diverse array of topics in molecular ecology. These included genomic resources development (Ogden et al. 2013; Wang et al. 2013), software pipelines (Catchen et al. 2013b; Senn et al. 2013), genotyping-by-sequencing biases (Arnold et al. 2013; Davey et al. 2013; Gautier et al. 2013), methodological issues (Buerkle & Gompert 2013), QTL and association mapping (Gagnaire et al. 2013; Hecht et al. 2013; Takahashi et al. 2013), gene flow and introgression (Hohenlohe et al. 2013; Hyma & Fay 2013; Keller et al. 2013), phylogeography and phylogeny (Catchen et al. 2013a; Jones et al. 2013; Reitzel et al. 2013), adaptation (De Wit & Palumbi 2013; Hess et al. 2013; Roda et al. 2013; White et al. 2013), discovery of cryptic taxa (Corander et al. 2013) and the genomic implications of recombination rate variation (Roesti et al. 2013).

The papers in the GBS special issue convey several important messages. First, they demonstrate that most of the key problems in molecular ecology can be addressed with this inexpensive and robust approach. Second, GBS methods can be applied to the many nonmodel organisms investigated by students of molecular ecology. Third, advances in methodology and software reduce cost and enhance efficiency, enabling more population-based approaches in ecological genomics (Buerkle & Gompert 2013). This latter point is important, because to date the majority of studies identifying molecular signatures of adaptation have compared different species (or large groups of populations within species), with each population typically represented by a single genotype. This taxon-wide approach for detecting adaptation not only increases the likelihood of false positives, but it also detects loci that have undergone species-wide sweeps, which may be quite different than those responsible for local adaption (e.g. Kane & Rieseberg 2007).

We are very grateful to the large number of individuals who have contributed to the field of molecular ecology by reviewing manuscripts for the journal. The following list contains people who reviewed articles for Molecular Ecology between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013.

Duur K. Aanen

Marco Abbiati

Patrick Abbot

Jawad Abdelkrim

Stephen Abedon

Guillauve Achaz

Jennifer R. Adams

Lynn S. Adler

Simon Aeschbacher

Ingi Agnarsson

Jon Ågren

Rosa Agudo

Andres Aguilar

Gabriela Aguileta

Nuria Agusti

Sophia Ahmed

Joxerra Aihartza

Mikael Akesson

Cedric Alaux

Dirk Albach

Rafael G. Albaladejo

Florian Alberto

Filipe Alberto

Fernando Alda

Helen Alexander

Joao Alexandrino

Jussi S. Alho

Fred W. Allendorf

Tilman J. Alpermann

S. Elizabeth Alter

Susanne Altermann

Diego F. Alvarado-Serrano

Ines Alvarez

Nadir Alvarez

Andreia Amaral

William Amos

Kesara Anamthawat-Jonsson

Liselotte W. Andersen

Sandra Breum Andersen

Kenneth Andersen

Christian N. K. Anderson

Corey D. Anderson

Jill T. Anderson

Kirk E. Anderson

Frank Anderson

Timothy J. C. Anderson

Martin Andersson

Malte Andersson

Leif Andersson

Jason P. Andras

Nikos Andreakis

Rose L. Andrew

Kimberly R. Andrews

Amy Angert

A. Antonelli

Janis Antonovics

Pedro M. Antunes

Kyoko Aoki

Jose Miguel Aparicio

Ken P. Aplin

Jennifer L. Apple

Julien April

Elizabeth Archie

Maria C. Arias

Sophie Arnaud-Haond

Miquel Arnedo

Brian J. Arnold

Todd Arnold

J. W. (Pim) Arntzen

Natasha Arora

Nils Arrigo

Juan Arroyo

Maria C. Arteaga

Wolfgang Arthofer

Marina Ascunce

Michael B. Ashcroft

Tia-Lynn Ashman

Jouni Aspi

Giridhar N. R. Athrey

Catherine Attard

Susanna F. Atwell

Nadia Aubin-Horth

Céline Audet

Asta Audzijonyte

Jeremy Austin

Julian D. Avery

Peter Avis

John Avise

Meghan Avolio

Tutku Aykanat

David Ayre

Debra Ayres

Eric Baack

Wieslaw Babik

Thierry Backeljau

Niclas Backstrom

Patricia Backwell

Cecile F. E. Bacles

Jin-Woo Bae

Wei-Ning Bai

Xavier Bailly

John F. Baines

Stuart J. E. Baird

Allan J. Baker

Petr Baldrian

Michael Balke

Niko Balkenhol

William Ballard

Stéphanie Bankhead-Dronnet

Sam C. Banks

Marco Banterle

Albert Barberan

Maria Bargues

Brittany Barker

Axel Barlow

Marta Barluenga

Apurba K. Barman

Ian Barnes

Benoit Barrès

Felipe S. Barreto

Craig Barrett

Rowan D. H. Barrett

Spencer C. H. Barrett

Rafael Barrientos

George Barrowclough

Nick Barton

Susan Bassham

Cristiane Bastos-Silveira

Arnaud Bataille

Ashley Bateman

Iliana B. Baums

Jason Baumsteiger

Simon Baxter

Till Bayer

Paul Bayman

Gemma Beatty

Trevor Beebee

Peter Beerli

Susanta Behura

Steven Beissinger

Ricardo Beldade

Alison Bell

Mike Bell

James R. Bell

Karen Bell

Thomas Bell

Eva Bellemain

Frida Ben-Ami

Yehuda Ben-Shahar

Stephen J. Bent

Paul Bentzen

May Berenbaum

Patrick Bergeron

Alan Bergland

Eva C. Berglund

Stewart Berlocher

Moises Bernal

Daniel Berner

Carolina Bernhardsson

Patrick Berrebi

R. J. Berry

Oliver F. Berry

Coralie Bertheau

Cécile Berthouly

Giorgio Bertorelle

Guillaume Besnard

Alex Best

Martin Beye

Etienne Bezault

Punyasloke Bhadury

Valeria Bianciotto

Martin Bidartondo

Nicolas Bierne

Yves Bigot

Holly Bik

Sylvain Billiard

Roberta Bisconti

Pierre Bize

Rakel Blaalid

Harvey Blackburn

Benjamin K. Blackman

Christopher Blair

Olivier Blight

Nicholas Block

Michael S. Blouin

Michael G. B. Blum

Dan G. Bock

Lynne Boddy

Katarina Bodova

Steven M. Bogdanowicz

Justin H. Bohling

Kristine Bohmann

Emilie Boissin

Simon Boitard

Daniel Bolnick

Kirsten Bomblies

Jason E. Bond

Pim Bongaerts

Francois Bonhomme

Camille Bonneaud

David Booth

Justin O. Borevitz

Marco Borra

Philippe Borsa

Tudor Borza

Jorunn Bos

David Bos

Oliver Bossdorf

Florian Boucher

Didier Bouchon

Drion G. Boucias

Elizabeth G. Boulding

Andrew Bourke

Vincent Bourret

Pierre Boursot

Brian Bowen

Mim Bower

Rauri C. K. Bowie

Stephane Boyer

Primrose Boynton

Selina Brace

Benjamin Brachi

Ian Bradbury

Antoine Branca

Alberto Brassan

Sarah C. Bray

Daniel A. Brazeau

Martin F. Breed

Patricia Brekke

Adrian C. Brennan

François Bretagnolle

Amanda Bretman

Marine Brieuc

Monika Bright

Andrew G. Briscoe

Jose Brito

Jacques Brodeur

Butch Brodie

Jon Brommer

Jennifer Bronnenhuber

Olivier Brönnimann

Thomas Broquet

Lyanne Brouwer

Andrew V. Z. Brower

Charles Brown

David Brown

Mark J. F. Brown

Richard Brown

Rafe M. Brown

Terry Brown

Robert M. Brucker

Mike Bruford

Johanne Brunet

Patrick C. Brunner

Thomas D. Bruns

Harald Brussow

Robert Bryson

Ann Bucklin

Silvia Bulgheresi

Mark Bulmer

Vincent Buonaccorsi

Frank Burbrink

Theresa Burg

Concetta Burgarella

Dylan Burge

Reinhard Bürger

Gaelen Burke

Reto Burri

Cole Burton

Jeremiah W. Busch

Roger Butlin

John A. Byers

Margaret Byrne

Maria Byrne

Armando Caballero

Joanne Cable

Carlos Daniel Cadena

Sara Cahan

Josep Calduch

Julian Caley

Hilary Callahan

Sebastien Calvignac-Spencer

Arley Camargo

Marie Anne Cambon-Bonavita

Shane Campbell-Staton

Brandon E. Campitelli

Daniel Campo

Daniele Canestrelli

Matthew Carling

Jens Carlsson

Miguel Carneiro

Salvador Carranza

Gary Carvalho

Jessica Castillo

Jose Castresana

Vincent Castric

Francesco Catania

Julian M. Catchen

Stephen Cavers

Richard Cawthon

Chris Chabot

Hana Chair

Benny K. K. Chan

Frank Chan

Lauren Chan

Chris Chandler

Bill Chapco

Eric G. Chapman

Robert W. Chapman

Joanne Chapman

Mark Chapman

David G. Chapple

Marie-Pierre Chapuis

Audrey Chaput-Bardy

Nathalie Charbonnel

Anthony Chariton

Deborah Charlesworth

Kate Charlton-Robb

Xue-Xin Chen

Chaolun Allen Chen

Gang Chen

Xiao-Yong Chen

Jun Chen

Jia'an Cheng

Stephen Chenoweth

Christian Chevalier

Zac Cheviron

Bruno Chomel

Juanita Choo

Philippe Christe

Mark R. Christie

Pascal-Antoine Christin

Edward Chuong

Igor J. Chybicki

Mariusz Cichoń

Roberta Cimmaruta

M. Ciosi

Elizabeth L. Clare

A. R. Clarke

Kate Cleary

Michael Clegg

Sonya Clegg

Kendall Clements

Jérémy Clotault

Conrad Cloutier

Els Coart

Guy Cochrane

Andrew Cockburn

Robert I. Colautti

Gabriel Colbeck

John Colbourne

Tim Colston

Aaron A. Comeault

Hans-Peter Comes

Steve Compton

Scott Condie

Tim Connallon

Ralf Conrad

Sofia Consuegra

James Cook

Georgina M. Cooke

Jason A. Coombs

Alan Cooper

Steve Cooper

Vanessa Corby-Harris

Tristan Cordier

Amandine Cornille

Josselin Cornuault

Emmanuel Corse

Federica Costantini

Caroline L. Côté

Ivan Couée

Aurélie Coulon

Brian A. Counterman

Karen Cox

Murray Cox

Robert M. Cox

Salvatore Cozzolino

Timothy Craig

Joseph Craine

Gordon Cramb

Jacob Crawford

Kerri M. Crawford

Simon Creer

Bernard J. Crespi

Charles D. Criscione

Erika Crispo

Melania E. A. Cristescu

Pierre-Andre Crochet

Dean Croshaw

Karen D. Crow

Astrid Cruaud

Gregory Crutsinger

Andres Cuervo

Theresa Culley

Catherine I. Cullingham

Zachary W. Culumber

Cameron Currie

Thomas Curtis

Asher D. Cutter

Till Czypionka

Fernando M. d'Horta

Anders Dahlberg

Love Dalén

Sasha Dall

Anne C. Dalziel

Rolf Daniel

Tim Daniell

Patrick D. Danley

Leonardo Dapporto

John A. Darling

Sharmishtha Dattagupta

John W. Davey

Marie L. Davey

Patrice David

Seana Davidson

William S. Davidson

Corey Davis

Jeff Davis

John Davison

Marta De Barba

Paul De Barro

Dulcineia de Carvalho

Koen De Gelas

Tom de Jong

Carlos De Luna

Nicola De Maio

Juliette de Meaux

Thierry De Meeûs

Stephane de Mita

Kevin de Queiroz

Jacobus C. de Roode

Daniela De Toni

Martin De Vos

Matthew D. Dean

Denise Dearing

Melissa DeBiasse

Jennifer M. Dechaine

Jacquelin DeFaveri

Bernd Degen

Patrick Degnan

Sandie Degnan

Kevin C. Deitz

Tony Dejean

Deborah A. Delaney

Katy Delaney

Francois Delmotte

Terrence Demos

William DeMott

Erick Denamur

Alice B. Dennis

Frantz Depaulis

Nicolas Derome

Sofie Derycke

Laurence Despres

Marie-Laure Desprez-Lousteau

Anthony Di Fiore

Joseph D. DiBattista

Timothy A. Dickinson

Steve DiFazio

Shannon Dillon

Albert D. Ditchfield

Alan Dixson

Sergey Dobretsov

Richard Dodd

Luke E. Dodd

Julian Dodson

Francesco Dondero

Suzanne Donn

Serena Dool

Patricia Dorn

Rosemary Dorrington

Sharon Doty

Marlis R. Douglas

Angela E. Douglas

Michael E. Douglas

Andrew Doust

Sophie Dove

Damian Dowling

Christine Dreyer

Don Driscoll

Fang K. Du

Shane G. DuBay

Sylvain Dubey

Gabrielle Dubuc Messier

Rachael Y. Dudaniec

Siobain Duffy

Alex J. Dumbrell

Rebecca Duncan

Peter Dunn

Simon Dunn

Julie C. Dunning Hotopp

Brendon Dunphy

Isabelle Dupanloup

Sebastien Duperron

Julian R. Dupuis

Jean-Dominique Durand

Olivier Duron

Yann Dussert

Cyril Dutech

Ludovic J. A. Duvaux

David Duvernell

Kelly Dyer

Rodney Dyer

Andrew Eckert

Pim Edelaar

Matthew Edenbrow

Robert C. Edgar

Suzanne Edmands

Danielle L. Edwards

Robert Edwards

Owain Edwards

Scott V. Edwards

Scott P. Egan

Keith Egger

Lori S. Eggert

Luis E. Eguiarte

Dorothee Ehrich

Sarah D. Eisenlord

Bernhard Eitzinger

Christophe Eizaguirre

Robert Ekblom

Barbara Ekbom

Stefan Ekman

Mark Eldridge

Hans Ellegren

Kathryn R. Elmer

Kevin Emerson

Nancy Endersby

Philipp Engel

Antje Engelhardt

Daniel J. P. Engelmoer

Jan Engelstädter

Richard Ennos

Soo Hyung Eo

Sarah M. Eppley

Clinton W. Epps

Anders Eriksson

Patrick Erwin

Erin K. Espeland

Anahi Espindola

Gonçalo Espregueira Themudo

Jacob Esselstyn

Arnaud Estoup

William J. Etges

Jeffrey Evans

Melissa Evans

Margaret Evans

Ben Evans

Sophie E. F. Evison

Benoit Facon

Bruno Fady

Steve Fain

Brant Faircloth

Dan Faith

Shaohua Fan

Rhys Farrer

Chris G. Faulkes

Leanne Faulks

Søren Faurby

Scott Fay

Justin C. Fay

Jeffrey Feder

Vadim Fedorov

Heike Feldhaar

Brock Fenton

Tomáš Fér

Anne-Laure Ferchaud

Juan F. Fernández-Manjarrés

Fernando Fernandez-Mendoza

Noé Fernández-Pozo

Philine G. D. Feulner

Pierre Feutry

Rene Feyereisen

Gentile F. Ficetola

Andrew E. Fidler

David L. Field

Noah Fierer

Rosa I. Figueroa

Dmitri Filatov

Daniele Filiault

Aline Finger

Debb Finn

Terrie Finston

Viviana Fiorentino

Martin C. Fischer

Charles Fisher

Matt Fisher

Mark J. Fitzpatrick

Benjamin Fitzpatrick

Nancy N. Fitzsimmons

Anthony C. Fiumera

Jon Fjeldså

Thomas Flatt

Samuel Flaxman

Jaroslav Flegr

Patrick Flight

Wilhelm Foissner

Susanne Foitzik

Ryan Folk

David W. Foltz

Daniel W. Fong

Diego Fontaneto

Wolfgang Forstmeier

Nicola L. Foster

Elisabeth Fournier

Alexandre Fournier-Level

Pedro Frade

Olivier Francois

Michelle T. Franklin

Alain Frantz

Devaughn Fraser

Ceridwen Fraser

Timothy R. Frasier

Adam Freedman

Joanna Freeland

Marc Frischer

Katie Frith

Uwe Fritz

Joachim Frommen

Yong-Bi Fu

Angela P. Fuentes-Pardo

Matt Fujita

Tad Fukami

Luca Fumagalli

W. Chris Funk

Andreas Futschik

Pierre-Alexandre Gagnaire

Annie-Ève Gagnon

Manfred Gahr

Michelle R. Gaither

Gonzalo Gajardo

Juan A. Galarza

Kurt Galbreath

Juan Galindo

Paul Galpern

Hannes Gamper

Michael Gangloff

Hugo F. Gante

Washington Gapare

Matteo Garbelotto

Cristina García

Maria R. García Gil

A. Garcia-Dorado

Jose Luis Garcia-Marin

Monique Gardes

Tara D. Gariepy

Lionel Garnery

Melissa Garren

Ryan C. Garrick

Dan Garrigan

Colin Garroway

John C. Garza

John Gaskin

Dan Gates

Michael Gaunt

Mathieu Gautier

Sergey Gavrilets

Laurène Gay

Xue-Jun Ge

Eli Geffen

Catherine A. Gehring

József Geml

Eleni Gentekaki

Armando Geraldes

Sébastien Gérardi

Gabriele Gerlach

James Germida

Susan Gershman

Tapash Ghosh

Jean-Michel Gibert

Robert Gibson

Thomas Gilbert

Andre Gilburn

Mark A. F. Gillingham

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Jenny Gleason

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Andrew Gloss

H. C. Godfray

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Shana Goffredi

Pablo G. Goicoechea

Koichi Goka

Caren S. Goldberg

Africa Gomez

Ivan Gomez-Mestre

Daniel Gomez-Uchida

Jesús Gómez-Zurita

Zach Gompert

Antonio González-Rodríguez

Julián Gonzalo

Sara Goodacre

Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley

Michael Goodisman

Kari R. Goodman

Benoit Goossens

Isabel Gordo

David M. Gordon

Gerrit Gort

Gesseca Gos

Toni Gossmann

Susumu Goto

Yuval Gottlieb

Dietrich Gotzek

Dave Goulson

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Fabrizio Grassi

Jake Gratten

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John E Graves

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Cortland Griswold

Delphine Grivet

Martien Groenen

Astrid T. Groot

Briana L. Gross

Christina Grozinger

Harald R. Gruber-Vodicka

Catherine E. Grueber

Michael Gruenstaeudl

Jared Grummer

Niklaus Grünwald

Amanda L. Grusz

Herve Gryta

Felix Gugerli

Paul F. Gugger

Alessia Guggisberg

Laurent Guillaumot

Thomas Guillemaud

Marie-Laure Guillemin

Gilles Guillot

Emmanuel Guivier

Helen M. Gunter

Lynn Guptill

Robert Guralnick

Fred Gurgel

Katerina Guschanski

Danny Gustafson

Niclas Gyllenstrand

Christoph R. Haag

David C. Haak

Margarita Hadjistylli

Jenny Hagenblad

Daymon Hail

James Haile

Tim Hain

Marie Hale

Matthew Hall

Alex Hall

David Hall

Ailsa J. Hall

Pamela Hallock

Jill Hamilton

Jim Hamrick

Angela Hancock

Sandra Hangartner

Bengt Hansson

Tilmann Harder

Emilie A. Hardouin

Christopher M. Hardy

Olivier Hardy

Matthew Hare

Luke Harmon

Brock A. Harpur

Bettina Harr

Richard Harrington

James Harris

Xavier A. Harrison

Richard Harrison

Rhetti Harrison

Shimon Harrus

Michael G. Harvey

James Harwood

Tamara S. Haselkorn

Yasuyuki Hashiguchi

Ben Hatchwell

Bjørn A. Hatteland

David Hayman

Tianhua He

Rosanne A. Healy

Daniel D. Heath

Katy Heath

Benjamin C. Hecht

Gerald Heckel

Dennis Hedgecock

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Philip W Hedrick

Philipp Heeb

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Thierry Heger

Andrew J. Heidel

Kerstin Heidemann

Martin Heil

Jeffrey Heilveil

George E. Heimpel

Berthold Heinze

Heikki Helanterä

Thorunn Helgason

Agnar Helgason

Michael Hellberg

Rasmus Heller

Ines Hellmann

Richard L. Hellmich

MR Helmus

Sarah J. Helyar

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Jakob Hemmer-Hansen

Stefan Hempel

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Glen Hood

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Christopher House

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Zi-Min Hu

Yibo Hu

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Aelys Humphreys

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Greg Hunt

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Tine Huyse

Nicole A. Hynson

Matthew Iacchei

Taisen Iguchi

Hajime Ikeda

Juan Carlos Illera

Krista K. Ingram

Travis Ingram

Yuji Isagi

Takahida A. Ishida

Kiyoshi Ishida

K. Isvaran

Hiroko Iwanaga

Victor Izzo

Nathan Jackson

Alexis Jackson

Joseph Jackson

Gwenael Jacob

Magnus W. Jacobsen

Hans Jacquemyn

Patrick M. A. James

Tim James

Euan K. James

Ian G. Jamieson

Jan Janecka

David Janos

Jan Jansa

Kirstin Janssen

Daniel Janzen

Frederic Janzen

Julie Jaquiéry

Juan P. Jaramillo-Correa

Patricia Jargeat

Simon Jarman

Philippe Jarne

Andy Jarosz

Susan Jarvi

Karl Jarvis

Daniel Jeffares

Robert Jehle

Jeffrey D. Jensen

Shalene Jha

Francis M. Jiggins

Kerstin Johannesson

Kacie J. Johansen

Reed Johnson

Kevin P. Johnson

David Johnson

Shannon B. Johnson

James Johnson

Steig E. Johnson

Ian Joint

Jukka Jokela

Celine Jolivet

Julia C. Jones

F. Andy Jones

Adam G. Jones

Stuart Jones

Mattias Jonsson

Stéphane Joost

Bjarte Jordal

Pedro Jordano

Per Erik Jorde

Ingrid Jordon-Thaden

Tove H. Jorgensen

Mathieu Joron

Leo Joseph

Lou Jost

Carlos Juan

A. Juen

Thomas Juenger

Alistair Jump

Ari Jumpponen

Thomas Källman

Martin Kaltenpoth

Stephanie Kamel

Durrell Kapan

Peter Kappeler

Martin Kapun

Sophie Karrenberg

Anssi Karvonen

Aris Katzourakis

Håvard Kauserud

Stefanie Kautz

Martin Kavaliers

Akito Kawahara

Takeshi Kawakami

Yuuki Kawasaki

Kathleen M. Kay

Irene Keller

Lukas Keller

Stephen Keller

Laurent Keller

John Kelly

Darrell Kemp

Bart Kempenaers

Petry Kemppainen

Peter Kennedy

J. Scott Keogh

Carole Kerdelhué

Jennifer Kerekes

Gaël J. Kergoat

Gerald Kerth

André Kessler

Valerio Ketmaier

Nusha Keyghobadi

Cynthia Kicklighter

Yoshitomo Kikuchi

Sang-Tae Kim

Eunsoo Kim

Kyeong Soon Kim

Andrew King

Tim King

Nicole King

Sarah Kingan

Ralph Kirby

Roger Kirkwood

Yale Kisel

Keiko Kitamura

Jun Kitano

Finn Kjellberg

Inga Kjersti Sjøtun

Lisa Klasson

Nadine Klauke

Etienne K. Klein

Sonia Kleindorfer

John Klicka

Daniel Kliebenstein

Christophe Klopp

Sara Knott

Halvor Knutsen

S. Koblmuller

Marcus A. Koch

Hauke Koch

Sarah Kocher

Tom Kocher

Daniel Koenig

Robert Kofler

Ryuichi Koga

Joshua Kohn

Linda Kohn

Michael Kohn

Shigeaki Kojima

Bryan Kolaczkowski

Rumi Kondo

Margaret M. Koopman

Nicholas J. Kooyers

Britt Koskella

Michael Kosoy

Linda Kothera

Petr Kotlik

Ryan Kovach

Adrienne Kovach

Gabor M. Kovacs

Paula Kover

George Kowalchuk

Krzysztof M. Kozak

Ken Kraaijeveld

Alan Krakauer

Robert H. S. Kraus

Bernhard Kraus

Henrik Krehenwinkel

Natacha Kremer

Miloš Krist

Torsten Nygaard Kristensen

Daniel Kronauer

Marcus R. Kronforst

Stacy A. Krueger-Hadfield

Frauke Krüger

Per Kryger

Rolf Kuemmerli

Carsten Kulheim

Matjaz Kuntner

Eiko Kuramae

Verena E. Kutschera

Charlotta Kvarnemo

Christopher J. Kyle

Shelly Lachish

Justin B. Lack

Robert Lacy

Jason T. Ladner

Kevin Lafferty

Alice Laguardia

Todd C. LaJeunesse

Shea Lambert

Melanie Lancaster

Christian Landry

Sylvie Lapègue

Rick LaPoint

Greger Larson

Martin Lascoux

Howard Lasker

Jean M. Lassance

Emily Latch

Béatrice Lauga

A. Laurila

Blas Lavandero

Lucinda P. Lawson

Mickael Le Gac

Adam Leaché

Miguel C. Leal

Gavin Lear

Paul Leberg

Christophe Lebigre

Guillaume Lecointre

Erica H. Leder

Jean-Baptiste Ledoux

Grace Lee

Cheng-Ruei Lee

Raymond Lee

Yoosook Lee

Julie A. Lee-Yaw

Thierry Lefevre

Ellen M. Leffler

Pierre Legendre

Jean-Luc Legras

Paula Lehtonen

Fumin Lei

Egbert Leigh

Vincent Leignel

Jeff Leips

Ylva Lekberg

Christophe Lemaire

Tobias L. Lenz

Jennifer Leonard

Stefano Leonardi

Olivier Lepais

Jenni Leppänen

Matthieu Leray

David Lesbarrères

Mark R. Lesser

Harilaos Lessios

Phil Lester

Adrian Leuchtmann

Romain Libbrecht

Eric B. Liebgold

Miriam Liedvogel

Morten T. Limborg

Dana Lin

Mauricio Linares

Martin Lind

Björn D. Lindahl

Celeste Linde

Dorothea Lindtke

Catherine Linnen

Miriam Linnenbrink

Katrin Linse

Catherine Lippé

Gianni Liti

Hui Liu

Renyi Liu

Jianquan Liu

Shu-Sheng Liu

Julie Lockwood

Cheryl Logan

Konrad Lohse

Eric Lombaert

Carlos Lopez-Vaamonde

Eline D. Lorenzen

Anne-Nina Lörz

Jonathan Losos

Katie E. Lotterhos

Stephen C. Lougheed

Nathan Lovejoy

Marilyn Loveless

Winsor Lowe

Chris D. Lowe

David Lowry

Jeffrey D. Lozier

Catherine Lozupone

Xin Lu

Yahai Lu

Kay Lucek

Dieter Lukas

Piotr Lukasik

H. Thorsten Lumbsch

Candice Y. Lumibao

Erica Lumini

Max Lundberg

Jonathan Lundgren

Amy Luxbacher

Frank Lyko

Ryan C. Lynch

Michael D. J. Lynch

Xiaofei Ma

David Macaya-Sanz

Sarina Macfadyen

Milos Macholan

Hugh Macisaac

Roderick I. Mackie

Thomas Madsen

Gregory Maes

Hafiz Maherali

Tamsin Majerus

Hannu I. Mäkinen

Wataru Makino

Jason Malaney

René M. Malenfant

Anita Malhotra

Jim Mallet

Aurelio Malo

Yael Mandel-Gutfreund

Stéphanie Manel

Fabio Manfredini

Mollie Manier

Judith Mank

Xiuguang Mao

Kerry Marchinko

Patrick Mardulyn

M.T. Marelli

Peter Marko

R. Marmeisse

Clare D. Marsden

Tristan Marshall

Noland Martin

Darren P. Martin

Mónica Martínez-Fernández

Iñigo Martínez-Solano

Natália Martínková

Felipe Martins

Vincent G. Martinson

Xulio Maside

Mariana Mateos

Peter Mather

Mikhail V. Matz

Luciano M. Matzkin

Xavier Mayali

R. J. Scott McCairns

David E. McCauley

Erin K. McClelland

John E. McCormack

Karen McCoy

Gary F. McCracken

Megan McCusker

John McCutcheon

Allan D. McDevitt

Quinn S. McFrederick

Heather McGray

Liam McGuire

Bailey McKay

Doyle McKey

Caleb McMahan

Mark McMullan

Allan Mcrae

Brian Mealor

John Measey

Monica Medina

Raul F. Medina

Jon Mee

Michael H. Meeuwig

Thomas Mehner

Harald Meimberg

Patrick G. Meirmans

Marina D. Meixner

Frank Melzner

Nelly Ménard

Martin Mendez

Joachim Mergeay

Juha Merilä

Santiago Merino

Vanessa Messmer

Muralidhar Metta

Rachel Meyer

Pawel Michalak

Johan R. Michaux

Andrew Michel

Jos Mieog

Alexander S. Mikheyev

Borja Milá

Andrew Millard

Wolfgang Miller

Joshua M. Miller

Karen J. Miller

Emmanuel Milot

Dennis Minchella

Brooks Miner

Andreia Miraldo

Tracy M. Misiewicz

Charles Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell-Olds

Jeff Mitton

Kenyon Mobley

Karen E. Mock

Michael Moeller

David Moeller

Virginie Molinier

Luciana Möller

Paolo Momigliano

Stefano Mona

Michael T. Monaghan

Karine Monceau

Marina Montresor

Yoshan Moodley

Abigail J. Moore

Emily V. Moran

Corrie Moreau

Robin Mores

Katy Morgan

Craig Moritz

Matthew Morris

Kathy Morrow

Geoffrey Morse

Lionel Moulin

Johann Mourier

Ahmed Moustafa

Brook T. Moyers

Jakob C. Mueller

Christopher D. Muir

Christian Mulder

Sean Mullen

Helene Muller-Landau

Beth Mullin

Matthew Mumma

Daniel Mummey

Violeta Muñoz-Fuentes

Jason Munshi-South

Melanie A. Murphy

Cesc Murria

Robert Muscarella

Ville Mustonen

Joram M. Mwacharo

Yamama Naciri

Satoshi Nagai

Rodney N. Nagoshi

Martina Nagy

Kerry Naish

Yuichi Nakajima

Francesco Nardi

David R. Nash

Elena Nassonova

Heini Natri

Arcadi Navarro

Alison G. Nazareno

Daniel E. Neafsey

Linda E. Neaves

Richard Neher

Joseph F. Neigel

Roy Neilson

Maurine Neiman

Jens Nejstgaard

Thom Nelson

Rob W. Ness

Julio M. Neto

Alejandro Nettel

Peter Neumann

Jennifer L. Neuwald

Bruno Nevado

Catherine E. Newman

Irene Newton

Julienne Ng

Chris C. Nice

Caroline M. J. Nieberding

Einar E. Nielsen

Matthew L. Niemiller

Pirmin Nietlisbach

Mikko Nikinmaa

Raisa Nikula

Michele K. Nishiguchi

Kanto Nishikawa

Arne W. Nolte

Benjamin Normark

Patrik Nosil

Stephen J. Novak

John Novembre

Carsten Nowak

Hisayoshi Nozaki

Vera L. Nunes

Reto Nyffeler

Spencer Nyholm

Tommi Nyman

James O'Donnell

Brendan O'Fallon

Eric M. O'Neill

Richard O'Rorke

John Oakeshott

Darren Obbard

Sylvie Oddou-Muratorio

Johannes Oehm

Issei Ohshima

Fernando Ojeda

Juanita Olano-Marin

Ben Oldroyd

Tom Oliver

Kerry Oliver

Matthew K. Oliver

Jeffrey C. Oliver

Bernt R. Olsen

Matthew S. Olson

Carrie Olson-Manning

Mats Olsson

Urban Olsson

Lino Ometto

Bonaventure Aman Omondi

Elen Oneal

Itai Opatovsky

Lars Opgenoorth

Maarja Öpik

Sara Oppenheim

David Orme

Juan Francisco Ornelas

Pablo A. Orozco-terWengel

Luisa Orsini

Joaquin Ortego

A. Ortiz

Kjartan Ostbye

Diana Outlaw

Jennifer R. Ovenden

Sara Oyler-McCance

Fusun Ozer

Mikhail Y. Ozerov

Timothy Paape

Craig Packer

Laurence Packer

Martin Paeckert

Timothy J. Page

Clarisse Palma-Silva

Jukka U. Palo

Per J. Palsboll

Pekka Pamilo

Nikolaos Papadopoulos

Anna Papadopoulou

Spiros Papakostas

Becky Parales

Thomas Parchman

Laura Parducci

Christine E. Parent

Laura Parfrey

Christian Parisod

Ingrid Parker

Aristeidis Parmakelis

Solenn Patalano

Tomaso Patarnello

Steve Paterson

Gustav Paulay

Elizabeth L. Paulson

Ovidiu Paun

Joana Pauperio

Juli Pausas

Scott A. Pavey

Mihaela Pavlicev

Alexandra Pavlova

Sandrine Pavoine

Robert J. Paxton

Bret A. Payseur

Rod Peakall

John Pearse

Devon E. Pearse

Stewart Peck

Niels C. Pedersen

Jes S. Pedersen

Amy B. Pedersen

Marcus Peery

Katja Peijnenburg

Stephan Peischl

Tara A. Pelletier

Pieter B. Pelser

Josephine Pemberton

Elfie Perdereau

Ricardo J. Pereira

Sílvia Pérez-Espona

Andrés Pérez-Figueroa

Javier Pérez-Tris

Steve J. Perlman

Mathieu Pernice

Silvia Perotto

George Perry

Kristina Persson

Benjamin M. Peter

Jeffrey L. Peters

Dorthe Petersen

Jillian Petersen

Julie Peterson

Eric Petit

Markus Pfenninger

Albert Phillimore

Ryan D. Phillips

Caleb Phillips

Romina Piccinali

Xavier Picó

Hans-Peter Piepho

Michele Piercey-Normore

Stuart Piertney

Maxine Piggott

Malgorzata Pilot

Liyan Ping

Fabio Pinheiro

Josep Pinol

Malin L. Pinsky

Alice Pinto

Joao Pinto

Walter Pirovano

Alexander Platt

Erika Plettner

Andrea R. Pluess

Monica F. Poelchau

Grant H. Pogson

Stephen Pointing

Nicholas Polato

Jitka Polechova

Thomas Pommier

Francois Pompanon

Joan Pons

John Pool

Dorota L. Porazinska

David Porco

Andrea Porras-Alfaro

Daniel M. Portik

David S. Portnoy

Dan Potter

Thomas H. Q. Powell

Daniel Prati

Veronica Preite

Andrea C. Premoli

Peter Prentis

Stephanie Preston

Tommaso Price

Craig Primmer

Christian Printzen

Michael Proctor

Jim Prosser

Jim Provan

Laura Prugh

Franck Prugnolle

Oscar Puebla

Sébastien J. Puechmaille

Nicolas Puillandre

Benoit Pujol

Jose Martin Pujolar

Francisco Pulido

Jonathan B. Puritz

Hollie M. Putnam

Tanja Pyhäjärvi

Joseph Quattro

Erwan Quemere

Víctor Quesada

Lina M. Quesada-Ocampo

Thomas P. Quinn

Lars Råberg

Jacek Radwan

Joost A. M. Raeymaekers

Nishanta Rajakaruna

Rajendhran Rajakumar

Uma Ramakrishnan

Alban Ramette

Ettore Randi

Nathan E. Rank

Gordana Rasic

Michael J. Raupach

Rachel June Ravago-Gotanco

Juliette Ravaux

Virginie Ravigné

John F. Rawls

Orly Razgour

Daniel Read

Richard H. Ree

Carol Reeb

Marlis Reich

Martin Reichard

Noah M. Reid

Sean B. Reilly

Sébastien Renaut

Karin Rengefors

Susan C. P. Renn

Susanne S. Renner

Gwendal Restoux

Thorsten B. Reusch

Stéphane Reynaud

Frank Rheindt

Ignacio Ribera

Christina L. Richards

Christopher M. Richards

David S. Richardson

Jonathan Richardson

Alex Richter-Boix

Ciro Rico

Amanda Ridley

Markus Riegler

Adrien Rieux

Cynthia Riginos

Matthias C. Rillig

Peter A. Ritchie

Kim Ritchie

Marcos Robalinho Lima

Julie Robidart

Charles Robin

John D. Robinson

Stacie Robinson

Matthew Robinson

Juan J. Robledo-Arnuncio

Sara Rocha

Luiz A. Rocha

George K. Roderick

Cesar R. Rodriguez-Saona

Gary W. Roemer

Marius Roesti

Björn Rogell

Alex D. Rogers

Emilio Rolán-Alvarez

Lee A. Rollins

Joelle Ronfort

Jeanne Ropars

Soren Rosendahl

Martin Röser

Nedeljka Rosic

Anna Rosling

Kenneth G. Ross

Stephen Rossiter

Ellen Rotheray

Rodolphe Rougerie

Alexandre Roulin

Fabrice Roux

Géraldine Roux-Morabito

Jeffrey R. Row

Mélanie Roy

Benjamin E. R. Rubin

Edward Ruby

Jennifer Rudgers

Manuel Ruedi

Maria Jose Ruiz Lopez

Amy Runck

Rebecca Rundell

Catherine Rushworth

Amy L. Russell

A. F. Russell

Daniel Ruzzante

Paul D. Rymer

Tatiana Rynearson

Urmas Saarma

Carlos Saavedra

Zakee Sabree

Loren C. Sackett

Benjamin N. Sacks

Pablo Saenz-Agudelo

Bernt-Erik Sæther

Glenn-Peter Saetre

Mary Beth Saffo

Toni Safner

Rebecca J. Safran

Rafe Sagarin

Shota Sakaguchi

Takeshi Sakurai

Nicolas Salamin

Matti Salmela

Jordi Salmona

Walter Salzburger

Karen Samis

Eugenia M. Sampayo

Ian Sanders

Jon Sanders

Jonathan Sandoval-Castillo

Diego Santiago-Alarcon

Mauro Santos

Eduardo S. A. Santos

Anna W. Santure

Thomas W. Sappington

Rebecca Sardell

Eli M. Sarnat

Jordan Satler

Hirotoshi Sato

Yukita Sato

Nori Satoh

Christopher Sauvage

Outi Savolainen

Massimo Scandura

Christopher W. Schadt

Martin Schaefer

Robert N. Schaeffer

Hanno Schäfer

Coby Schal

Michael Scharf

Helmut Schaschl

Niek Scheepens

Sonja J. Scheffer

Christoph Scheidegger

John Schenk

Stefan Scheu

Holger Schielzeth

Kristina A. Schierenbeck

Menno Schilthuizen

Heidy Schimann

Todd Schlenke

Jason M. Schmidt

Sebastian Schmidt-Roach

Andrew F. Schnabel

Gerald M. Schneeweiss

Conrad Schoch

Steve Schoech

Sean D. Schoville

Andrea Schreier

Aaron W. Schrey

Patricia M. Schulte

Alicia Schultheis

Molly Schumer

Mark Schutze

Dietmar Schwarz

Jodi Schwarz

Michael Schwarz

Nina Schwensow

Peter Scott

Ivan Scotti

Mark Scriber

Jeremy Searle

Alexandre Sebbenn

Jean Secondi

Jim Seeb

Lisa W. Seeb

Gernot Segelbacher

Ravinder N. M. Sehgal

Kimberly A. Selkoe

Vesa Selonen

Marc-André Selosse

Ruchira Sen

Helen V. Senn

Irem Sepil

Perttu Seppä

Andrea S. Sequeira

Dimitar R. Serbezov

Manuel Serra

Ester A. Serrão

Maria R. Servedio

Joanna Setchell

Carla Sgrò

Aaron Shafer

Jian-Zhong Shao

Beth Shapiro

Jyotsna Sharma

Jonathan A. Shaw

Tonya Shearer

Wasim Shehzad

Hao Shen

Donald Shepard

Steve Sheppard

Samuel K. Sheppard

Natasha A. Sherman

Miao-Miao Shi

Takahito Shikano

Kentaro K. Shimizu

D. DeWayne Shoemaker

David Shohami

Shadi Shokralla

Andrew Short

Kristen H. Short

Wen Shu

Quinn R. Shurtliff

Delphine Sicard

Mauro Simonato

Brent Sinclair

Sonal Singhal

Steven Sinkins

Daniela Sint

Mathieu Siol

Seeta Sistla

Jack W. Sites

Tomaž Skrbinšek

Hans Slabbekoorn

Marc Slattery

Rachel Slatyer

Gancho Slavov

Daniel Sloan

Andrzej Slominski

Tanja Slotte

Maureen Small

Steve J. Smith

Thomas B. Smith

Matthew E. Smith

Brian T. Smith

Katie L. Smith

Drew Smith

Christopher Irwin Smith

Hilary A. Smith

Matthew Smith

Peter E. Smouse

Marinus J. M. Smulders

William Snyder

Eeva Soininen

Janne Soininen

Inna Sokolova

Nancy G. Solomon

George N. Somero

Simone Sommer

Victor Soria-Carrasco

Erik E. Sotka

William Soto

Vitor C. Sousa

Valeria Souza

Lori Spears

Hamish G. Spencer

Ingrid Spies

Göran Spong

Janet I. Sprent

Paul Spruell

Lewis Spurgin

Eric Stabb

T. Stadler

David A. Stahl

Sean Stankowski

Craig J. Starger

Michael Stat

Fabian Staubach

Jan Stefka

Sebastian Steinfartz

Jennifer Stenglein

Jan Stenlid

Wolfgang Stephan

Carol Stepien

S. J. Steppan

Lori Stevens

Virginie M. Stevens

Frank Stewart

J. Stewart

John R. Stinchcombe

Michael Stocks

Kai Stolting

John Stolz

Judy Stone

Jeffrey Stone

Andrew Storfer

Jay F. Storz

Allan E. Strand

Maria Strangas

Jared Strasburg

Joan Strassmann

Todd Streelman

Nathaniel Street

Daniel Streicker

Matthew J. Struebig

Jan Strugnell

Eva Stukenbrock

Christian Sturmbauer

Songkun Su

Nicolas M. Suarez

Garret Suen

Karen E. Sullam

Jack Sullivan

Kyle Summers

Joanna Sumner

Seirian Sumner

Sevan Suni

Paul Sunnucks

Yann Surget-Groba

Ben J. G. Sutherland

Yoshihisa Suyama

Emma Svensson

Bradley Swanson

Zuzana Sykorova

Rebecca Symula

Zsofia Szendrei

Marianna Szucs

Marta Szulkin

Jacek M. Szymura

Hidenori Tachida

Denis Tagu

Cristina Takacs-Vesbach

Aya Takahashi

Kazuo Takahashi

Ichiro Tamaki

Akifumi S. Tanabe

Yun Tao

Maja Tarka

Andrey Tatarenkov

Michael Taylor

Sabrina S. Taylor

Andy Taylor

Andrew Tedder

Leho Tedersoo

Aurélien Tellier

Ben Temperton

Martina Temunović

Henrique Teotonio

Levi C. Terribile

Meike Teschke

Peter R. Teske

Marco Thines

Austen C. Thomas

W. Kelley Thomas

Henri Thomassen

Daniel J. Thornhill

Michaela Thoß

A.-C. Thuillet

Ryan A. Thum

Bala Thumma

Carrie S. Thurber

Simon Tierney

Peter Tiffin

Janne Timm

Fausto Tinti

Silas Tittes

Michèle Tixier-Boichard

David Toews

Nobuhiro Tomaru

Stephen J. Tonsor

Candice Torres

Fernando Torres-Perez

Andrea Townsend

Jeffrey P. Townsend

Dorset W. Trapnell

Michael Traugott

Eric A. Treml

Tatiane Trigo

Susannah Tringe

Christofer Troedsson

Stephen Trumbo

Yi-Hsin Tsai

Jean Tsao

Barbara Tschirren

Jack Tseng

Koji Tsuchida

Yoshiaki Tsuda

Kin Ming Tsui

Yoshihiko Tsumura

Jody M. Tucker

Michael Turelli

Julie Turgeon

Andrew K. Turner

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