Table S1 Diurnal behaviour of molluscan herbivores.

Fig. S1 Plot overview of common garden experiment in Jena (Germany).

Fig. S2 Slugs are natural pests on Arabidopsis thaliana.

Fig. S3 Arion lusitanicus attacks Arabidopsis thaliana (Col-0) plants grown in pots in a common garden in Jena (Germany).

Fig. S4 Slime induces JA in leaves of flowering plants.

Fig. S5 JA-mediated defences are important for defence of Arabidopsis thaliana against molluscan herbivores.

Fig. S6 The roman snail Helix pomatia causes more damage on glucosinolate-deficient myb28/29 plants when compared to wild-type (Col-0) plants.

Fig. S7 Multiple choice experiment.

Fig. S8 Diurnal slug and snail activity.

Fig. S9 Diurnal variations in glucosinolates in rosette leaves on Arabidopsis thaliana grown under short day conditions.

Data S1 Methods.


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