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Table S1 Summary of museum sampling.

Table S2 Semi-nested PCR protocol for amplifying ~140 bp of the ITS region in Bd.

Table S3 Summary of taxonomic groups sampled from the Brazilian Atlantic Forest with breeding habitat and sample size (N).

Fig. S1 Mean Bd prevalence per decade for each anuran family (n = total sample size) with 95% binomial confidence intervals.

Fig. S2 Significant spatiotemporal clusters detected using SatScan for different levels of aggregation (Ag).

Fig. S3 Frequency of ITS1 haplotypes detected in each sample indicated by the colour scale.

Fig. S4 Correlations between sample size and the number of positives for each hexagon in Fig. 2.

Appendix S1 Samples sequenced for ITS1.

Appendix S2 ITS1 haplotype sequences in Fasta format.

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