Fig. S1 Red Sea bathymetry (a) and mean chl---a concentrations (b). Figures adopted from Raitsos et al. (2013), with permission from D. Raitsos.

Fig. S2 Pairwise FST matrix of 19 populations (arranged from north to south) genotyped at 38 microsatellite loci.

Fig. S3 Log---likelihood of the number of population clusters explaining the genetic data showing the average values of ln P(K) resulting from a minimum of 10 runs (±1SE).

Table S1 Sampling regime with original site names, abbreviation codes, GPS coordinates, number of samples collected per site and date of collections.

Table S2 Primer sequence, repeat motif, annealing temperature (Ta), total allele size range, total number of alleles (A), expected (HE) and observed (HO) heterozygosities for three previously unpublished microsatellite loci (= 991).

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