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Table S1 Plant species other than the host plants present in the sampling plots.

Table S2 Overview of the OTUs found in the root systems of the three host plants Bistorta vivipara, Dryas octopetala and Salix polaris, including their frequency, number of reads and blastn top hits with accession numbers in GenBank.

Table S3 Taxonomic overview of the 29 OTUs found in the negative control sample including the best blastn match, query coverage, maximum identity and accession numbers in GenBank.

Fig. S1 Localization of host plants (samples) within the two 3 m × 3 m plots (A and B) in Blomsterdalen, Svalbard.

Fig. S2 Global nonmetric multidimensional scaling (GNMDS) ordination of Hellinger transformed abundance of samples sequences twice to check for consistency.

Fig. S3 Semivariograms showing no significant spatial autocorrelations.

Fig. S4 Global nonmetric multidimensional scaling (GNMDS) ordination based on Hellinger transformed abundance data of the operational taxonomic units.

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