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Appendix 1 Sources for climate variables used to calculate ‘environmental distance’ across Berthelot's pipit populations.

Table S1 Demographic scenarios used for approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) analyses (see Fig. 1 for visual representation).

Table S2 Twenty-one microsatellite loci characterised in the Berthelot's pipit.

Table S3 Allele frequencies at 21 microsatellite loci across island populations of Berthelot's pipit.

Fig S1 Output from a Bayesian clustering algorithm on 371 Berthelot's pipit individuals, implemented in structure.

Fig S2 Variation (mean ± SE) in morphological traits across island population of Berthelot's pipits.

Fig S3 Pairwise morphological distance in relation to genetic distance in Berthelot's pipit populations.

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