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Appendix S1 Estimation of the sampling completeness.

Appendix S2 References used to create the theoretical qualitative aphid–parasitoid food web.

Table S1 Number of species observed (SO), number of species found in only one quadrate (L), in exactly two quadrates (M), Chao estimator (SE) and percentage asymptotic richness (%SO) for the four levels analysed.

Table S2 Quantification of interactions found between aphids and parasitoids for five fields and their margins in Pleine-Fougères (Brittany, France).

Fig. S1 Quantitative food webs between aphids and their parasitoids constructed from each field and its margins in Pleine-Fougères (Brittany, France) for (a) Wheat (b) Rapeseed (c) Pea (1) (d) Pea (2) (e) Triticale.

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