mec12711-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF623KFig. S1 Introgressed strain with Bari-Jheh is associated with increased resistance to 5 mm paraquat.
mec12711-sup-0002-FileS1.xlsapplication/msexcel1596KFile S1 qPCR raw Data and primer sequences.
mec12711-sup-0003-FileS2.txtplain text document10KFile S2 Perl scripts used to identify AREs in D. melanogaster TEs.
mec12711-sup-0004-FileS3.txtplain text document10KFile S3 Alignment of KJ439574 and KJ439575 sequences of introgressed strains.
mec12711-sup-0005-TableS1-S2.docxWord document94K

Table S1 Description of the regions used to look for cnc reads and number of cnc selected reads per developmental stage and replica (rep).

Table S2 TEs with AREs located in the 1 kb upstream regions of genes.

mec12711-sup-0006-Captions.docxWord document11K 

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