mec12745-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docxWord document18KAppendix S1 Extended methods.
mec12745-sup-0002-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF388KFig. S1 Bayesian tree based on concatenated mtDNA sequences (CR and cyt b gene) found in Polish roe deer populations.
mec12745-sup-0003-FigS2.pdfapplication/PDF470KFig. S2 Proportion of mtDNA control region haplotypes belonging to the main clades of European and Siberian roe deer in Polish populations.
mec12745-sup-0004-FigS3.pdfapplication/PDF417KFig. S3 Median joining network of cytochrome b mtDNA haplotypes of Capreolus capreolus and C. pygargus found in sample set of European roe deer from Poland.
mec12745-sup-0005-FigS4.pdfapplication/PDF318KFig. S4 Mismatch distribution of pairwise nucleotide differences for each mtDNA lineage found in European roe deer genome in Poland.
mec12745-sup-0006-FigS5.pdfapplication/PDF2224KFig. S5 Results of the species distribution modelling for European and Siberian roe deer.
mec12745-sup-0007-TableS1.docWord document268KTable S1 Numbers of individuals possessing different CR mtDNA haplotypes and respective cyt b variants found in European roe deer populations in Poland.

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