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Fig. S1 Composite maps of the layers selected to obtain species distribution models for N and S C. sexlineatus morphs (continuous variable definitions are detailed in supplementary Table S3).

Table S1 Sites used in the study, with N/S morphology at site determined from a previous study (Brown et al. 1991).

Table S2 Primers sequences used in this study for the amplification of the mitochondrial DNA fragment.

Table S3 Percent contribution and permutation importance values of each variable in the species distribution model analyses.

Table S4 Number of individuals sequenced per site (n) and mtDNA haplotypes detected.

Table S5 Number of individuals genotyped per site for microsatellite loci (n) and total number of alleles detected (NA), proportion of private alleles (PA), expected heterozygosity (HE), observed heterozygosity (HO), and inbreeding coefficient (FIS).

Table S6 Pattern of linkage disequilibrium (LD) (P < 0.05) within sampling sites.

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