mms12015-sup-0001-TableS1.docWord document68KTable S1. Regression equations used to estimate fish and cephalopod sizes: L, total length (mm) for fish and dorsal mantle length (mm) for cephalopods; W, total weight (g); OL, otolith length (mm); OW, otolith width (m); LHL, lower hood length; LRL, lower rostral length (mm); UHL, upper hood length; URL, upper rostral length. Sources are as follows: Cl, Clarke (1986); Co, Coull et al. (1989); GP, Graham Pierce (unpublished data); Ha, Harkönen (1986); Sa, Santos et al. (2002); AG, Angel González (unpublished data); S, Santos et al. (2007); *, combined data from more than one species.

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