Table S1. Samples used in the study, including the SWFSC accession number, GeneticID, collection method (B = biopsy, H = harvest, S = stranding), date of collection, location of collection, strata, and whether the sample was retained in the final analysis. Samples were removed because they were considered duplicates (code 1), due to poor quality (code 2), or because they could not be assigned to a stratum (code 3, which includes whales that were sampled in the PCFG range but did not meet the criteria for being included in the PCFG stratum). GeneticID represents a unique identifier for individuals, such that samples that were considered to be from the same individual were assigned the same GeneticID. The strata specified include: North, CHK (Chukotka), PCFG, and South. Samples considered part of the CHK stratum were also included in the North stratum in the analyses. The South stratum includes samples collected from whales within the PCFG seasonal range but which did not meet the criteria for being classified as PCFG whales (see text for further explanation).

Table S2. Characteristics of the microsatellite loci used in the study, including the species for which primers were initially designed, the size of repeats, the annealing temperature used in the study (Ta), the reference listing primer sequences, the number of alleles per locus, the proportion of missing genotypes, the expected heterozygosity (He), the observed heterozygosity (Ho), and the results of the test for heterozygote deficiency (HWE; Rousset and Raymond 1995).

Table S3. The total number of samples in each stratum, the number of samples removed from the study due to poor quality (see criteria described in text), the number of duplicate samples removed, and the number of individuals remaining in each stratum for each analysis. Duplicate samples (i.e., samples from the same individual) were identified based on genotyping of eight microsatellite loci. Samples collected on the southern feeding ground but not considered to represent the PCFG (n = 36) are not included in the table.

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