mms12140-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF5585KFigures S1–S3. Spatial distribution of harbor seals, ice cover zones, and maximum penetration of cruise ships on the day of surveys (image) and the previous day (image) in Disenchantment Bay, Alaska, by date. The time of day that ships reached their maximum penetration appears near the location symbol. The range of seal counts summed per grid cell is shown in three levels: small dot (<5 seals), medium dot (5–20 seals), and large dot (>20 seals). A small, overlying white dot indicates the presence of at least one mother-pup pair within that grid cell. Ice cover is represented by a gradient in cell-color shading: light gray (scattered), medium gray (intermediate), dark gray (dense). For this graphic, if cells with no ice data were bounded on three sides by cells with ice measures, the average of neighboring cells was used as an estimate. Refer to Figure 1 for geographical points and scale.

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