Taking the Christian Scriptures as its starting point, this article attempts a critical reflection on Polydoxy. While expressing a number of sympathies with elements of the project, four questions are raised in my reception of the book. First: the roles of revealed truth and authority within polydoxy's project. Second: whether the project constructs a false foil in its presentation of “orthodoxy.” Third: the nature of the panentheism that some of the contributors to the volume espouse. And fourth: whether characterising panentheism as apophatic renders that espousal more coherent from a Christian theological perspective. These four questions focus on the Christological models presented in Polydoxy. I conclude that Christian orthodoxy concerns the articulation of a Christological logic that can “save us” and, on the basis of my critical reflection, I am left wondering whether the theology presented to us in Polydoxy can really do that.