Fig. S1 Development of fungal strains on maize leaf sheaths over time. Percentage of ungerminated, adhered spores (white bar), appressoria (grey bar) and invasive primary hyphae (dark grey bar) 12, 24 and 48 h post-inoculation (hpi).


Fig. S2 Percentage of penetration sites in which the cpr1 mutant colonized two or more cells when co-inoculated at a distance from the wild-type (WT) (left) or water (right). Treatments with different letters differ from each other (P < 0.05).


Fig. S3 Average number of cells colonized by the cpr1 mutant and the nonpathogen in triple inoculations. Treatments with different letters differ from each other (P < 0.05).


Appendix S1 Plant growth. Plants were grown to the V3 stage under 14 h of light in a glasshouse in 3.8 × 21-cm2 containers (Super SC-10 UV stabilized; Stuewe & Sons, Inc., Tangent, OR, USA) in a mixture of three parts Pro-Mix BX (Premiere Horticulture, Ltd., Rivière du Loup, QC, Canada) and two parts sterile topsoil. Seedlings were watered daily to saturation and fertilized two to three times per week with a solution of 150 ppm of Peters 20-10-20 (Scotts-Sierra Horticultural Product Co., Marysville, OH, USA), beginning 1 week after seedling emergence.

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