• CIC;
  • CpG island methylation;
  • gCIMP;
  • IDH1;
  • oligoastrocytoma;
  • 1p/19q


Combined deletion of the whole chromosomal arms 1p and 19q is a frequent event in oligodendroglial tumours. Recent identification of recurrent mutations in CIC on 19q and FUBP1 on 1p and their mutational patterns suggest a loss of function of the respective proteins. Surprisingly, oligoastrocytomas harbouring identical genetic characteristics regarding 1p/19q codeletion and frequent IDH1/2 mutations have been shown to carry CIC mutations in a significantly lower number of cases. The present study investigates whether epigenetic modification may result in silencing of CIC.


As IDH1/2 mutation-mediated DNA hypermethylation is a prominent feature of these tumours, we analysed a set of CIC wild-type oligoastrocytomas and other diffuse gliomas with regard to 1p/19q status for presence of CIC-associated CpG island methylation by methylation-specific PCR.


Both methylation-specific PCR and subsequent bisulphite-sequencing of selected cases revealed an unmethylated status in all samples.


Despite the hypermethylator phenotype in IDH1/2 mutant tumours and recent detection of gene silencing particularly on retained alleles in oligodendroglial tumours, hypermethylation of CIC-associated CpG islands does not provide an alternative mechanism of functional CIC protein abrogation.