Figure S1. Impact of tumour WHO grade and cytogenetics on relapse-free survival of meningioma patients. Relapse-free survival curves of meningioma patients classified according to tumour grade (n = 78; panel A) and cytogenetics (n = 77; panel B) are shown.

Table S1. Relevant clinical, histopathological and genetic characteristics of the 78 meningioma samples studied by multiparameter flow cytometry immunophenotyping (n = 51) and gene expression profiling by oligonucleotide arrays (n = 40).

Table S2. Identification (ID) number of the 78 samples included in the present study and that have also been included in other previous reports with their corresponding code number.

Table S3. Antibody reagents used for the immunophenotypic analysis of tumour cells in meningioma.

Table S4. Immunophenotypic characterization of meningeal neoplastic cells evaluated by multiparameter flow cytometry: percentage of positive cases, positive cells per case and amount of expression – mean fluorescence intensity (MFI) for each analysed marker (n = 51).

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