Note S1. Inheritance of phenotypic traits in trans.

Note S2. Interactions between nucleosomal DNA and the core histone particle.

Note S3. Cis effects of histone modifications.

Note S4. Protein domains that bind modified histones.

Note S5. Main functions of histone modifications.

Note S6. Evolution of histone variants.

Note S7. Functions of noncanonical histone variants.

Note S8. Functions of chromatin remodeling complexes.

Note S9. De novo DNA methylation during embryonic development and the establishment of genomic imprinting.

Note S10. DNA hypermethylation in cancer.

Note S11. Functional annotation and spatiotemporal organization of genomic regions.

Note S12. Mechanisms of dynamic regulation of epigenetic signatures.

Note S13. Environmental control of epigenetic mechanisms.

Note S14. Epigenetics and evolution.

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