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Fig. S1 PvTRE1 gene structure and promoter analysis, and PvTRE1 expression in nodulated roots, is mainly restricted to nodules.

Fig. S2 PvTRE1 expression level analysis in several organs of common bean, correlation between sucrose synthase expression and trehalose content; and GUS transcript accumulation in control nodules.

Fig. S3 Effect of PvTRE1 silencing on bacteroids, and bacteroid counting per visual camp in TEM micrographs.

Fig. S4 Nodule number in PvTRE1-RNAi transgenic roots, and GS expression in PvTRE1-RNAi transgenic nodules.

nph12002-sup-0002-TableS1.pdfapplication/PDF91KTable S1 List of oligonucleotides used for qRT-PCR