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Fig. S1 Expression patterns of SlSHN1 and SlSHN2 during tomato fruit development and profiling of leaf waxes and cutin monomers in 35S:SlSHN3 Arabidopsis plants.

Fig. S2 Phenotypic consequences of altered expression of SlSHN3 and SlCYP86A69.

Fig. S3 Expression analyses of SlSHN3 putative target genes.

Fig. S4 Normalized expression of SlSHN3 targets in immature green tomato fruit tissues.

Fig. S5 Mapping and cloning of the cd3 Gene.

Fig. S6 Sequence alignment of the tomato SHN proteins and their closely related AP2-type proteins from other species.


Table S1 Changes in the composition of waxes identified in enzymatically isolated immature green tomato cuticles from WT and 35S:SlSHN3 RNAi plants

Table S2 Summary of transcripts and oligonucleotides analyzed and used in this study