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Fig. S1 eFP browser expression predictions for RL2 and HVA22b.

Fig. S2 (A) Comparison of the transmembrane topologies of HVA22b and yeast Yop1p, as predicted by TOPCONS ( and (B) sequence alignment between Yop1p and HVA22b, generated by ClustalW2 (

Fig. S3 Effect of GTPase mutants of RL2 on ER morphology.

Fig. S4 Coexpression of RL2 and RTNLB13 affects the morphology of the cortical ER network.

Fig. S5 (A) Evolutionary relationships of Arabidopsis (At) and human (Hs) derlin proteins; (B) tobacco mesophyll protoplasts were transfected with plasmids encoding the indicated constructs; (C) transmembrane topology of Arabidopsis derlin1, as predicted by TOPCONS (

Fig. S6 Derlin 1-YFP labels, but does not perturb, the ER network.