• ammonium;
  • indeterminate domain (IDD) gene;
  • rice;
  • root growth;
  • transcription factor


  • Indeterminate domain (IDD) genes are a family of plant transcriptional regulators that function in the control of development and metabolism during growth. Here, the function of Oryza sativa indeterminate domain 10 (OsIDD10) has been explored in rice plants. Compared with wild-type roots, idd10 mutant roots are hypersensitive to exogenous ammonium. This work aims to define the action of IDD10 on gene expression involved in ammonium uptake and nitrogen (N) metabolism.
  • The ammonium induction of key ammonium uptake and assimilation genes was examined in the roots of idd10 mutants and IDD10 overexpressors. Molecular studies and transcriptome analysis were performed to identify target genes and IDD10 binding cis-elements.
  • IDD10 activates the transcription of AMT1;2 and GDH2 by binding to a cis-element motif present in the promoter region of AMT1;2 and in the fifth intron of GDH2. IDD10 contributes significantly to the induction of several genes involved in N-linked metabolic and cellular responses, including genes encoding glutamine synthetase 2, nitrite reductases and trehalose-6-phosphate synthase. Furthermore, the possibility that IDD10 might influence the N-mediated feedback regulation of target genes was examined.
  • This study demonstrates that IDD10 is involved in regulatory circuits that determine N-mediated gene expression in plant roots.