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Fig. S1 Redundant R/B-like bHLH activities involved in the regulation of proTT8-1 activity in cotyledons.

Fig. S2 R2R3-MYB together with R/B-like bHLH, in the absence of TTG1, can trigger proTT8-6:GFP and proTT8-17:GFP activity in P. patens protoplasts.

Fig. S3 proTT8-6 key cis-regulatory elements in six different Arabidopsis accessions.

Fig. S4 proTT8-17 sequence in six different Arabidopsis accessions.

Fig. S5 cis-regulatory element recognised by the Arabidopsis R2R3-MYB involved in MBW complexes.

nph12142-sup-0002-Table S1.pdfapplication/PDF27KTable S1 Primers used in this study