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Fig. S1 Difference between mean height in each treatment and mean height under control conditions for all clones.

Fig. S2 Mean annual height growth increment in meters for each aspen genotype in each treatment.

Fig. S3 Predicted and actual numbers of each genotype under each treatment, using posterior means for model S8a.

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Table S1 Sample sizes of each aspen clone in each treatment

Table S2 Parameters included in tested mortality models

Table S3 Fit of all models, as measured by predictive loss

Table S4 Parameter estimates for second (S14a), third (S5a) and fourth (S7b) best-fit models

Table S5 Predicted mortality (best-fit model) of each clone under each treatment, with 95% credible intervals given equal initial numbers

Table S6 Mean individual trunk volume for each clone and treatment in year 12

nph12153-sup-0003-NotesS1.docxWord document26KNotes S1 Model description.
nph12153-sup-0004-NotesS2.docxWord document88KNotes S2 Justification of prior distributions, and sensitivity of results to changes in prior distributions.
nph12153-sup-0005-NotesS3.docxWord document15KNotes S3 Calculating selection differentials.