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Fig. S1 Root and shoot dry weights of Gaspe Flint plants grown in hydroponics for 3 wk at a range of inline image concentrations.

Fig. S2 Growth of Gaspe Flint plants across the lifecycle.

Fig. S3 Functions used to fit biomass data.

Fig. S4 Unidirectional inline image flux of low-affinity (LATS) and high-affinity (HATS) transporters measured on Gaspe Flint maize plants.

Fig. S5 Root transcript levels of various putative low-affinity (NRT1 and NRT3) inline image transporters throughout the lifecycle of Gaspe Flint plants.

Fig. S6 Transcript levels of various putative high- and low-affinity inline image transporters in the roots of Gaspe Flint plants exposed to changing N levels.

Fig. S7 Predicted ZmNRT2.1 protein levels.

Table S1 Real-time quantitative PCR (Q-PCR) primers for the assay of maize gene expression, together with the Q-PCR product size (bp)

Table S2 Collection of fitting functions and associated parameters used in the modelling of shoot and root growth and shoot nitrogen content