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Fig. S1 Phylogenetic analysis of Bruno proteins, and predicted Bruno-like proteins in Arabidopsis.

Fig. S2 GUS staining of PAtBRN1::GUS PAtBRN2::GUS plants.

Fig. S3 Enhanced expression of AtBRN1 and AtBRN2 in 35S::AtBRNs.

Fig. S4 Effect of vernalization on the expression of AtBRN1 and AtBRN2 in wildtype and vin3 plants.

Fig. S5 Protein gel blot analysis of total protein extract from wildtype, 35S::AtBRN2 6-3, 35S::AtBRN2 6-1, and atbrn2 seedlings.

Fig. S6 Diagram of SOC1 showing the 3′ UTR sequence.

Fig. S7 Protein gel blot analysis of protoplast derived from 35S::AtBRN1 and 35S::AtBRN2 plants that were transfected with the GFP-SOC1 I, GFP-SOC1II, GFP-SOC1III, and GFP-SOC1IV constructs.

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Table S1 List of the oligomers used in this study

Table S2 GenBank accession numbers used for phylogenetic analysis