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Methods S1 Plant growth conditions, identification and characterization of sorghum AMT transporters, RNA isolation and qRT-PCR, Immunolocalization, isolation of plasma membrane and soluble proteins.

Fig. S1 Colonization rate G. mosseae (A) and G. intraradices (B).

Fig. S2 N content in Sorghum.

Fig. S3 Shoot and root DW (g).

Table S1 AMT isolated and partially characterized in different plant species

Table S2 Composition of Hoagland solutions

Table S3 Characteristics of the S. bicolor AMT gene family

Table S4 Specific primers for real-time quantitative PCR and for full-length gene amplification

Table S5 Amino acid sequence similarity and identity between the AMT of S. bicolor: SbAMT1;1, SbAMT1;2, SbAMT2;1, SbAMT2;2, SbAMT3;1, SbAMT3;2, SbAMT3;3 and SbAMT4

Table S6 Repartition of root DW (%) between the two pots of the split-root experiment

Table S7 Mean and SD of the relative gene expression of the eight SbAMTs and of the glutamine synthase gene

Table S8 Root length colonization (%) in each pot of the split-root experiment