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Fig. S1 Oleoresin wet mass and dry mass comparisons.

Fig. S2 A comparison of SNP preselection methods with cross-validation.

Table S1 Formulas for the estimation of heritabilities and correlations

Table S2 Contrasts of average transformed oleoresin dry mass between sites and years

Table S3 Summary of significant SNP associations with transformed oleoresin dry mass

Table S4 Site-specific associations with transformed oleoresin dry mass

Table S5 Tests for associations with SNPs within sequences similar to terpene biosynthetic genes

Table S6 Predicted F1 gains from selection for increased oleoresin flow

Methods S1 Oleoresin dry mass transformation.

Methods S2 Likelihood ratio tests for correlations.

Methods S3 Preselection of SNP loci for association testing.

Methods S4 Tests for subpopulation structure.

Methods S5 Predicting gains from selection.

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